US paedophile dies after drinking mystery liquid during guilty verdict

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  1. I have May-Thurner Syndrome. Had my first DVT right before my 33rd birthday. I'm 38 years old now. Had stent placed and a thrombectomy during first DVT because the clot was pretty extensive. I had a second DVT in early 2020, at the age of 36. It clotted in exact same spot. Had another thrombectomy. They discovered the original stent was a bit short so had to stay an extra day and they did another procedure where they extended the stent.

  2. David Bowie is pretty distinct voice for musicians, both his speaking and singing voices.

  3. SB jamming against UTG? He’s jamming into the tightest range from the tightest position. It’s a fold. 2BB to 21BB? In general, you aren’t going to get worse hands jamming here very often. Without having dominated hands, KQ doesn’t do as well as you think here.

  4. This is a 6-handed table at the time this hand takes place. So utg here is the same as lojack at a 9-handed table.

  5. Thanks! So if that is the case and my MDF is 43% it is pretty close if I put him on underpair right? If I think I have 45-48% equity with 2 overs?

  6. And 43% is not your MDF. 43% is the equity you need for it be a breakeven call.

  7. K63r is a great flop texture for the OP as the preflop 3-bettor. It's a great flop to bet here in position, especially against this particular villain.

  8. As a New Zealander I can confirm this makes up 4% of our population

  9. Kiwis? Or cannibals? Or cannibal kiwis?

  10. My pulmonary embolism was in like June 2020. Had issues with taking deep breaths for first few weeks after being discharged due to the pain but I recovered just fine.

  11. May or may not be related, but Indiana is a huge Rockefeller/CIA rabbit hole.

  12. Indiana is where The Stranger Things kids are from in the show. The show also touches upon MKUltra and stargates/parallel universe.

  13. You didn’t protect your big blind. You tried to sacrifice it.

  14. Yeah he 3! with 72o from the bb 😂. Horrible play all around. Only street OP played good was the flop.

  15. Disagree even with that, horrible spot to check that flop OOP. BTN is checking back so much of their 3b calling range and there are so many terrible turns.

  16. Yeah I just realized he checked the flop. He even misplayed the flop. He should've definitely led this wet flop, especially since he's out of position. Spade draws, straight draws, Jx hands like KJ, QJ, etc are all in button's range. He got lucky that the button played worse than he did and got it all in w 44 here on this flop.

  17. No one here can diagnose you unfortunately.

  18. That’s what I’m concerned about too, it’s been about a week and dull ache progressively getting worse. It’s not painful but noticeable in one leg and I do get out of breath quickly even though I exercise regularly

  19. Yeah, since I had already had one prior, I knew the warning signs with my second one. With my second one, there was a bit of discoloration on my lower left leg (a bit reddish) and that portion of the leg did seem a bit swollen compared to my right leg.

  20. Only Jokic, Westbrook(if he’s traded and reaches the finals) or Wall(if the Clippers reach the finals) I can foresee getting more than 15 assists in a NBA final game

  21. Yeah that's what I'm saying. If 76ers went to the Finals, Harden could easily get 15+ assists in a Finals game.

  22. Sounds like your casino uses a Mississippi straddle.

  23. Tip had 6 strokes while overcome had 7 strokes. The 3rd and 4th strokes in each are completely different from each other as well

  24. I know it's a meme around here, but I would fold that pre. It's probably the tournament player in me, but calling a 14bb 3b with QJs OOP seems wrong to me.

  25. It's 300 bb's deep. It's a perfectly fine call of the 3-bet preflop, even if he's going to be OOP. $45 more to potentially stack a guy for $1430 more? With QJs? Hell yeah, I'm calling there all day.

  26. What’s an older head anyone from the 90s? Lol

  27. Was 30 years ago tbh. I grew up in the '90s and realize that kids growing up now have way different tastes/likes than what kids in the '90s had. It's not the '90s we're just around the corner.

  28. Is it really that easy to chug a bottle of cloudy liquid as your guilty verdict is read in Texas? This can't be the the first guy to do it.

  29. Yeah not sure how they aren't screening the materials a defendant is bringing into a courthouse. Any suspicious liquids/materials should be apprehended.

  30. If the ante is 12.50% of the bb (say like 10k/20k/2.5k), you can shove A8s+ for the suited aces.

  31. Ok I’m sorry but as a San Diego native this is definitely common. There are thousands of San Diegans that go to TJ for grocery shopping, getting their hair/nails done. Dentist and doctors appointments or just go out to eat.

  32. And a lot of Mexicans living in Tijuana cross the border to buy cheap clothes and other items here. I live in Chula Vista and some of the Ross stores and Burlingtons' etc are oftentimes crowded with people from Tijuana.

  33. It's a baseball term where a runner is caught in between one base and the next and is effectively closed off from either base by the fielding team's players. Here the runner who was on 3rd base and was trying to advance to home plate was caught in a pickle.

  34. I personally think as far as 90s grunge goes, Nirvana first, Bush second, Pearl Jam third, popularity-wise. I don’t have any statistics to support this view; this is just my perspective based on what I remember.

  35. Lol. Bush is not second in terms of popularity amongst those groups. I liked them when I was like 10 lol. But no way in hell they were more popular than Pearl Jam 😂. Bush did get lots of radio and TV play but they paled in comparison to Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Alice in Chains, Smashing Pumpkins.

  36. Ahhh the nostalgia of that entire list! xD I just seem to remember them getting tons of airplay around where I grew up. But all the ones you listed were definitely on-par, too. I’m referring only to radio popularity and not referring to opinions on their music.

  37. And that's what I was referencing. Their popularity. No way Bush was the second most popular of those groups in terms of radio play.

  38. Pre COVID, I worked at my office's building on Sorrento Valley Parkway. Monday through Friday, 8am-5pm. I live in Chula Vista. Took me anywhere from 1 hour (say after a holiday when everyone who worked in the area seemed to call out) to 2 hours (if it was raining and/or there was a bad accident/a suicidal jumper on an overpass/etc) each way. Once I think I didn't get home until like 7:30 pm because of heavy rains.

  39. I see a lot of people in here are on Eliquis. I've had two DVT's and bilateral pulmonary embolisms. Was on Coumadin after the first. Pradaxa after the second. Now on Pradaxa for life. I have never had any side effects on any of these.

  40. I've been hearing "Shotgun" by Soccer Mommy on 94.9 fm here in San Diego lately. Really digging it. It's a singer songwriter, not a band though. Just like St. Vincent and Snail Mail.

  41. Imagine hitting the bad beat then hitting the baddest beat. Poor Poker175xxx. Lmaoooo

  42. Aces full of sixes is not a qualifying hand for a bbjp on the Pokerbros clubs I'm in, and I'm sure it's the same on this one. It's usually aces full of jacks or better beaten, and the aces full of jacks needs at least one ace in their hole cards.

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