1. I loveee this one. Hopefully my husband goes for it lol

  2. Because the landlord said they could wait until May 1st to let him know if they wanted to renew the lease. Today is May 1st and now he says nah. Tenant cannot go back in time and decide to renew April 1st.

  3. Tenant asked for their agreement to be extended until August 1st. That is probably what sent the landlord into no way territory. That is where tenant fumbled a bit. The landlord has already been more generous than required by the lease agreement. In a perfect world wed hope landlords to want to help tenants out, but it's a legal agreement. It's business. It's May 1st. This is the day tenant agreed to sign should they not have found another place. Instead tenant asks landlord to wait and see if their offer goes through and if not to extend their lease by three months. Sorry but the OP is asking a lot of someone who is not obligated to have even extended until May 1st. I hope OP's offer goes through. But asking more of the landlord in this capacity is sort of entitled. Contracts exist for this reason.

  4. ??? I’m not even a landlord and I don’t see how the landlord is a “terrible person”. Let’s see:

  5. Yeah not seeing how landlord is a terrible person either. The landlord has been pretty generous in a market where rentals are going fast too. Why would the landlord want to wait around to see if OP finds a house when he can rent to someone who actually needs a year+ lease? This is putting the landlord through a period of uncertainty too, but one he really doesn't need to be in. I understand and feel for the OP. It is hard out here for both renting and buying but the smart thing to do would have been just sign another lease and have a plan in place Incase they need to break it, not ask the landlord to wait for a maybe they'll sign and ask for extensions that really they aren't entitled to. It sucks but there are a lot of people also looking for rentals. A lease is a legal agreement. Sign one or leave the premises. It's simple. He probably wants to lock someone into a lease for a year for a higher rent.

  6. Yes definitely. That would have been much better. I'll give him a C. Lol.

  7. It really is such a shame that his efforts to do something special for you were completely overshadowed by his horrible behavior the rest of the day Just because he is doing a big ticket item for someone doesn't mean treating them poorly the rest of the day is ok.

  8. She literally lost her baby last year. Do you know what loss like that is? She should absolutely celebrate this new baby in every capacity she wants and her family should be grateful and happy to do so. One does not simply recover from the loss of a child without great willpower and strength of mind. She lost her child at 26 days old. She and her husband are certainly still "new parents" as you scenario requires for some reason. People who want to celebrate and support the couple with come. Every new life should be celebrated. It is a special gifts to even have a child in the first place. why wouldn't evey child be celebrated?

  9. Do. Not. Let. Your. MIL. Kill. Your. Joy. You can and should absolutely have a baby shower for your little girl. A huge one. The biggest celebration ever. Not only are you welcoming a new child into this world, but you are grieving a loss that is so immensely overpowering. You have every right to be upset. There is nothing "awkward" about celebrating the joy of a new child ESPECIALLY given what you and your husband have experienced. This absolutely calls for celebration. It is incredibly brave to open your heart to another child after the loss you just experienced. You and your husband must be incredibly strong people in an incredibly strong relationship. Loss breaks many couples. I am happy for you both. You MIL is only saying this because of her own projections. SHE feels awkward. Not anyone else. And it's a shame that she does. But don't let it bother you. This is a celebratory time. Ask for all the gifts. The people in your life who are truly meant to be in your life will and want to celebrate your little one as much as you do. Please believe that. Congratulations. I hope your baby shower is tremendously beautiful and filled with the most precious joy.

  10. Yes, this is basically how it works. You're basically swapping out one loan for another. Please don't pay off your card and then run it up again - this defeats the purpose and you'll find yourself in a much deeper hole than before.

  11. Yes. So right. I will.never use this credit card again after I make this step. The monthly fees at this APR are killing me. I had no credit when I got this credit card and it has improved majorly over the years. So thank you for that reminder and we'll wishes!

  12. You could just transfer the balance to another CC and pay it off. Usually around 3% balance transfer fee and you have 15 months to pay it off.

  13. Yes. I was think about doing this too. What exactly is a transfer fee? How does that work? Is that a better approach than a loan because of the payment flexibility?

  14. She also has a scary diet. She counted coffee as a meal and showed herself eating about 1000 calories (MAX) for her eat in a day. When people commented on how little she is eating she made a big deal about how satiated she is and it's enough for her. It's clear her eating habits have rubbed off on Mari. It can be really toxic when you're in an echo chamber with someone who also has disordered eating habits. The honestly scare me.

  15. I feel like Amanza has the most style of them all. At least she is somewhat consistent

  16. Spice girl Amanza? Idk about that 😂 they all look pretty ridiculous BUT I love it.

  17. IF you want to stop barely getting by...Spend less on the things you don't need...wants and needs are not synonymous. Many many many people live on far less and still pay these amounts. With kids. With dogs. I'm not sure what you're asking. It's pretty easy to determine how people pull it off. They incur less debt and are tighter with their money. Seems like you're not which is fine. It's your money; live how you please. Different things matter to different people. I like to keep my COL as low as possible. You don't. That's fine. But not a mystery to how people pull it off lol.

  18. was yours caught at your anatomy scan? yea I called after the scare and I was like is there any way I can get another scan in two weeks for peace of mind? and she said no that I needed to listen to them and stop stressing myself out :(

  19. No, it’s because Christine is bad at her job

  20. Chrishelle and Christine have literally made the same amount of commission. The only reason Chrishelle is out selling Christine is because Christine just had a baby. I think it truly shows Chriselles immaturity that she is asking her boyfriend/boss to a) fire a woman who just had a baby and b) criticize the work ethic of a woman who has been on maternity leave for the past year. She's gross

  21. Lol Christian was 3 months old at the time they were filming season 5 so Christine was just out 3 months for maternity leave

  22. Three months? A year? What difference does it make? She just had a baby. Criticizing the work ethic of someone who just had a baby is tacky.

  23. Hmm interesting. I have never heard of this. But after looking more into it, I'm now curious. I will say I have gas and I'm lactose intolerance and stupidly ate cheese. But the hurting to stand part is what is confusing me. Is pubic symphysis something you've experienced?

  24. Same!!!! I am already such a sap but I have to blink tears back every time I feel a little kick. I honestly can't thinm of much else besides preparing for my little girl.

  25. 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾praying for you and your wife

  26. Looks like a Tudor ish style lol. Very cute! I love it, especially that window. Congratulations on your new home!!

  27. Looks like a Tudor ish style lol. Very cute! I love it, especially that window. Congratulations on your new home!!

  28. Denver is weird because the housing prices are insane and the area has exploded in the past 10-15 years. So there's pockets of not so great scattered about. Areas that are generally not so nice, the i25 i70 interchange neighborhoods, around Federal and 14th/Colfax (I used to live there, not good), near 285 as it enters Englewood (this area is weird because you're close to the mansions in Cherry Hills but also there's lots of activity along Broadway, in the neighborhoods is usually quiet but don't go to 711 at midnight lol.)

  29. Yes! This is what I've noticed living here too. Just all over the place with who and what to expect. For instance, I currently live downtown. The complex is super expensive and very nice , but I can walk maybe three blocks and run into people doing meth in broad daylight on the street. It's super spotty. There are clearly nice areas that are super out of my budget lol. All over the place, but a great city nonetheless

  30. Dude chill. I only said that so white people don’t come after me saying what defines a hood. Also Denver’s “hoods” look extremely fucking nice. Lol. It’s so weird. Thanks man.

  31. I understand why you felt you needed to add that. But I challenge you to change that narrative, so people in general stop perpetuating immediate associations with black people and "hood". It's an ignorant thing to say, but I digress. I suggest you check out the affordable housing program available here. With you and your girlfriend's income it sounds like you may qualify. There are some great properties available in newer areas for those who qualify here in Denver and in Boulder. You just have to meet the income restrictions between the two of you (sounds like you do) and take a home buyers class. Check it out!

  32. Another tacky choice. I am so confused by these choices. None of it going together. She has this light. A marble table in the great room. Plastered walls... I am just confused 😂

  33. Praying. She will have a good life as will you mama. 🙏🏾🙏🏾 You will find stability and happiness. And everything will be okay. 🙏🏾🙏🏾

  34. Yes. It's pretty ridiculous. I'm not doing it. Ever. If that makes me lose some houses so be it. This market is absolutely ridiculous right now and otherwise sane people just keep succumbing to the pressures.

  35. Did you ever figure this out? I'm in the same mess but I'm moving back to Florida...

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