1. pc case is black & these will be mounted facing outside

  2. Maybe wrap with some black material.

  3. GPU encodes can match the quality of CPU encodes, but at lesser bitrate/quality efficiency. The trade off is only 5-15% and worth it compared to the 1,000%+ efficiency in encode time you get from GPU.

  4. At lesser efficiency is not a "match". A corolla can match a lambo but at lesser distance/time ratio. No, that's not how it works. GPU is not a match because they don't match. At both high bitrates the quality comes with a difference.

  5. I never said it was a match in efficiency. I said it can be a match in term of quality if you are willing compromise some extra bitrate.

  6. I mean, with enough bitrate, anything can be a match. I personally would not throw out bitrate factor when talking about codecs. Nvenc could take twice the bitrate to reach the quality of a higher preset x264 encode.

  7. People are going to say keep it but I would cancel it. It will not negatively affect you much, your payments will stay on your report for 10 years and benefit you until then. Plus, with such a low limit it will not really bother your available credit either. Your choice, that is just my .02.

  8. Not saying that everyone on this thread or that either a majority of people will say that. Just a common belief that people will say to keep the card and not cancel it.

  9. Majority of people are getting smarter then ; )

  10. In theory any merchant could ask for ID when your parent tries to use the card. I’ve never personally been asked for ID in 20 years of using credit cards but… it’s possible? That merchant could call Amex to report the fraud which would lead to Amex freezing the account. I’d say that’s pretty unlikely unless your parent frequently buys hundreds of dollars of stuff at gas stations late at night… or lots of alcohol from Walmart. Those are fraud red flags.

  11. I was once asked for ID when paying for some chicken pieces in KFC. So the chance is definitely not zero.

  12. There are certain use cases that needs 4 sockets. Most home lab stuff doesn't fit those use cases.

  13. recertified = used. Manufacturer recertified is just another way of saying Seagate has run some badblocks (equivalent of) test, found the drive no problem, and then pack and sell it.

  14. I put AP and fiber ONT on the PoE switch, and put the switch on the UPS so I can still have some internet access with power outage.

  15. They gave me the 1g ont for 1g service.

  16. So there is a different ONT for 1GB and 2GB service?

  17. As you probably figured out, I didn't try that. I just signed up for 1g and be happy with it. If I do want to upgrade to 2g+ I'll just wait for them to change the ont for me.

  18. Sometimes you also want to think about the total cost to own. A low power server grade CPU may save you $30 a year on power bill but cost you $300 to buy. So unless you are in Europe where power price goes to the moon, a slightly higher idle power CPU may be more economical.

  19. "I know that most people are going 'LetsEncrypt!' but the problem with doing that is that I am using a local domain (x.sudo) that does not conform with a legitimate TLD. Since I am not using a true TLD, LetsEncrypt will not work."

  20. Upper level clearly said buy a domain and I clearly mentioned "legit domain", if you may read again what I said.

  21. I apologise. I literally only saw the first 2 words and jumped the gun.

  22. I'm not sure how your redirection works, but basically there are 2 ways to verify that you own a certain domain.

  23. Damage comes from the "clunky" part. Shifting smoothly means less friction and thus less "damage" to the clutch. That said, it's not going to be much damage anyway. It's a clutch, it's born to be worn.

  24. Im about a month and a half into learning and i feel like im starting to become smoother but 40% of the time shifting is still clunky. Ive accepted that while im learning im going to damage the clutch and i intend to learn to treat it well. But how much damage can 2-3 months of learning actually do? Or is the bigger concern if i was doing this for years?

  25. I am trying to create as simple of a setup as possible to have a shared media storage drive between a Plex LXC and a Windows VM.

  26. You should NEVER share a block device Luke that. This WILL destroy your filesystem and your data.

  27. A few months ago I got 3x 16TB red pro from Amazon for $200 each before tax. Probably the best price for a good while. 12TB 189 is not bad but is not surprising too.

  28. I use 10.* just like others. It's also easier to type and remember.

  29. I don't upgrade from the GUI, I always do it from CLI. Never encountered any serious issue, and I'd confidently upgrade my Proxmox server at anytime.

  30. They are about equally good / bad. Seagate and WD (really it's HGST) enterprise grade drives are at similar price point, and companies would usually just buy Seagates for their servers. (Even backblaze buys more Seagates, that should tell you something.)

  31. When I read the post I thought, surely you can use it, as it's just a Debian with a custom built kernel and a few userland tools. Then I read the comments and everyone is discussing about using a KVM virtual machine as daily PC.

  32. Bit rot? I believe that’s fairly uncommon. Only issues with corrupt files I’ve seen is when you don’t eject your HD you just unplug it. How else would a file just go bad? Bit rot is rare from what I know

  33. Bitrot is fairly common. ECC on disk was created to mitigate bitrot problem. If you read a drive with old data, like data written years ago, a good chance is you'll find a non-silent bitrot (and if you use windows you'll see a big checksum error message). For 4k format drives it's less likely to happen because ECC section is now much bigger and can mitigate many more rot bits until it goes noticed.

  34. Of course, it's a card for status, perks, and air flights. It's not for making daily purchases and such. My BoA PR is doing 2.625% cashback, and I buy costco shop card for groceries on my BoA CCR doing 5.25% cashback. My plat was mainly used to buy flight tickets.

  35. High flies are not that horrible. I have a few drives that had high flies and still working fine.

  36. I'm not gonna worry about it. You are doing a higher temperature (versus 137) and it's very close to the water to not lose much heat. I don't think it's possible to make people sick with this setup.

  37. No, if you book it on your amex card, then you are likely buying through a third party website, which is not amex travel. We are talking about buying on amex and pay points.

  38. Your download speed is someone else's upload speed. To increase your download speed, you can maybe find the uploaders and sponsor them. That said, many don't have access to high upload speed network at all. Cable internet in US has very low upload speed limit, and some ISP will cut your service if you use it for extended period of time. (Like uploading full speed for a few hours, my cable ISP would cut my service. Don't ask me how I know.)

  39. My full speed 16TB reads at 250MB outer tracks, and 120MB inner tracks. I also happened to have a reduced speed 14TB that reads at about 210MB outer 80MB inner.

  40. I am planning to use them in a ZFS array, which will probably yield 600 MBs or so (if I understood what I've read correctly), which is 600 x 8 = 4800 Mbs, which would require 10 Gbe network to fully take advantage of anyway.

  41. Slightly. You are not likely to feel it unless placed and measured next to each other.

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