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White supremacists are convicted of training for a civil war in Michigan

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  1. I mean he’s not invincible but he’s still damn near close. What do Butcher and the boys do if he decides to start lasering NYC from 300 feet in the air? None of the boys can fly

  2. He doesn’t know that. Butcher going toe to toe scared the shit out of him. He has no idea what else is out there that can hurt him.

  3. We haven't made any battleships in space.

  4. We made submarines though and they’re not that different to spaceships. Hell we’ve actually made spaceships for half a century now.

  5. They have so much romantic chemistry and undertones that they were basically a couple. The only reason they stayed just friends was because the writers of Endgame would rather break the multiverse by putting Steve with a woman who who moved on from him than let Stucky happen.

  6. Men might underestimate theirs, but overall women are at higher risk of harm. I have massively underestimated my risk in the past, and looking back on things I've done when I was younger, it's amazing that I'm still in one piece today and haven't been assaulted more times. However, I have been assaulted in different ways more times than 0.

  7. Men are the victims of violent crime at nearly twice the rate of woman, despite the perception that woman are more at risk. So OP's exact wording is fairly bang on. It's kinda proven actually by all the woman claiming he is wrong.

  8. Can someone explain to me how something like this could even happen? A talented attractive successful person in a business in which it is very difficult to break out just destroyed his own life systematically. Is he having some kind of psychotic break? Is he a sociopath who's hidden all his activities until now?

  9. To quote The Boys ‘with great power comes the inevitability that you will turn into a right cunt.’

  10. Can't speak for other places but the Highland Wildlife Park here in Scotland does a really good job at giving their animals a decent life.

  11. In fairness there is mostly fuck all in the highlands (I speak as a native) so might was well use a bunch of it for interesting animals.

  12. My only thing about it being perminant is Black Noir got hit but has his powers in the present day.

  13. Serious question, why do many people dislike Sally so much?

  14. Someone summed it up nicely by saying hardly anyone will have met someone like Barry in their life, but everyone knows someone like Sally. Makes it easier to dislike the character on a more personal level.

  15. So she’s not very good at her job, that’s probably why all her coworkers clown her and she overcompensates. We know the empire is the most toxic workplace ever after all

  16. I think they were referring to the actress rather than the character.

  17. Nobody is found innocent, just not guilty. The court does not say if an event did not occur, just that there is no evidence of it occurring.

  18. You’ve listed three sports and then decided women should never compete with men.

  19. When you say ‘plenty of sports’ and your go to example is the hugely mainstream and popular sport of long distance swimming your argument isn’t helped.

  20. That’s irrelevant when boss here is saying men and women should not compete period.

  21. Yes you do, they’re called generalisations and speed up communication immensely. We use them all the time. There are always niches, caveats and exceptions but that’s what makes them special and noteworthy. They defy the trend and when talked about specifically, a key attribute is the fact they defy the generalisation other examples in the same field follow.

  22. So did you just think the black corruption on her was a fashion statement or what?

  23. It’s a tiny bit of black trimming in an end credit scene in a tv show for a few seconds. That’s all you get before suddenly she’s ready for child murder.

  24. Yeah along with the fact that the dark hold corrupts every single person who uses it and uses the users soul for power and is created by the elder god of black magic and chaos magic. Not to mention this is months later with her using it all this time. Not really far fetched to see her as the bad guy. I assumed everyone knew Wanda was the villain before I started looking at these threads online. I thought it was obvious

  25. None of that is explained in the movie we just get told oh the book corrupted her and now she’s evil. Hardly good writing.

  26. Well G2 threw the game, EG caught it, just to throw it back a few minutes later...

  27. The fact a 10k gold lead can be erased in 2 minutes with how inflated objective bounties are is kinda bs honestly. 20 mins of domination shouldn’t be erased by 1 mistake.

  28. So you want games to be decided after 5 minutes when one team inevitably snowballs their lead after that? Because that's what happens if teams aren't punished properly for mistakes while ahead.

  29. There is a difference between no come back mechanics and the ridiculous level we”re up to now.

  30. We called it chappy in north east scotland but also heard it called ding dong dash

  31. I honestly think is one of the best marvel movies yet.

  32. You absolutely can. I mean, in life in general, but also specifically on a film set. If you're engaging in behavior detrimental to the production there are any number of people at several levels who can tell you to GTFO.

  33. yeah but he doesn't work there and left afterwards so really if there is no legal action what are they going to do?

  34. I used to go on canoe trips there every summer. Beautiful area and you wouldn’t know they were doing tests on the lakes.

  35. Men don’t really care much about brand name clothes, makeup, etc but it would be a lie to say that men don’t care about weight or physical attractiveness. A quick look at any dating app and who people swipe on, or who gets hit on at a bar, or just attention in general, clears that argument up. It’s the same in the other direction - guys can see which of our friends get the looks and attention quickly. For specific blemishes and nitpicks, no, guys don’t care.

  36. I mean studies have shown that men find ~80% of woman on dating apps attractive where as woman claim to find about 20% of men attractive so in general men are much more forgiving.

  37. Doubt it. No way these whales were playing with their own money lol every single one of them were clueless.

  38. These are all pretty big streamers. They can all afford to torch a few grand and not really feel it.

  39. Oh so now its "gay" to live and sleep and take showers with another man while dreaming about living in Santa Fe with him? Smh

  40. This is just another example these modern lefties seeing every close male friendship as something gay. /s

  41. So only "hype" moments make for a great cinematic experience?

  42. In terms of in the theatre experience, not only but they help majorly.

  43. Nah, i would rather not give views to something i don't agree with. If you want to make an argument, summarize it here and we will discuss it.

  44. He also said if you send him a video of you pulling off the combo required for it to work in a game he'd send you money. Think the combo is blue battery 1 + blue battery 2 + radiant blue buff + yordle. I.e next to impossible.

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