Supreme Court allows release of Trump's tax records to House Democrats

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  1. Maybe don’t be morbidly obese then. I’m overweight and i fit into those seats just fine. If you’re 350lbs it’s your problem, not the theater’s.

  2. I would love one of those chainsaw foam fingers, what’re they going for?

  3. How much for the signed ash either the evil dead 2 or ash Vs evil dead one?

  4. You know, I really should have thought about prices before posting lol. I have no idea on what their value is. I know Bruce's autograph isn't exactly hard to come by, he signs so much stuff so often.

  5. And like in 1776 they underestimated and went back home embarrassed yet again. I’ll be honest it was hilarious singing the national anthem knowing that those turds on the field had to literally feel the lyrics of that song were directed at them. Tuesday should be fun.

  6. Would you like to talk for a second about your treatment of native Americans? Acting holier than thou is fun until you look at your own history.

  7. That would be handy. Carrying around a chunk of heavy metal. I’ll pass.

  8. This is what I get: Bubble cushioning wrap 700 ft² (4 Rolls of 175 ft x 12" Wide) - 3/16" Small Bubble - Perforated Every 12''- With 10 Fragile stickers by Fresh Farm LLC

  9. Exactly .. The N on the LouboutiN logo is very off... Just google louboutin logo you'll see what I mean .. On those it looks more lire some R actually. But nice find I guess ? :)

  10. As long as there’s no attempt to resell. That could get the seller in a bunch of trouble.

  11. Sorry to say this but they’re fake. Several giveaways including the stitching, the spacing between the logo and Paris, the embossing etc. But as fakes go they’re pretty good tbh. And if you like ‘em who cares right? Nice find and a great price.

  12. They need to add the English hot dog. Crappy bun, Luke warm hot dog, ketchup.

  13. I love that his house looks like a normal person's house, not at all "Hollywood." He even has a refrigerator loaded with magnets.

  14. That was my first reaction too. Seems like a genuine, down to earth dude. So sick of the cribs on display by talentless millionaires.

  15. Anyone want to hazard a guess that this guy is fighting his own homosexuality. People that filled with hate are often trying to deny something.

  16. Four years later! The wheels of justice are way too slow.

  17. The legal system in the US heavily favors the wealthy and powerful. With enough money you can delay and delay and delay. And usually get off scott free. If you’re poor you’re fucked. Justice is most definitely not blind. She’s happily taking bribes.

  18. Ummm… isn’t that the point? I want escapism. I don’t want to be sat there thinking damn, this Chris Evans guy is rocking this role. Does Tarantino want us to think about Jamie Fox or Django?

  19. Newsflash. It’s not gonna be higher than $58k. More like $19k

  20. I was gonna say Keanu Reeves but Matthew Perry seems to be pissed at him

  21. You’re describing my life. I’m alone. My kids are here a few times a week but not for long. When they’re not here I drink until I black out. I threw up a few hours ago from the alcohol but I’m still drinking because all I want is to be numb. Just not feel anything because it’s better than feeling lonely and hopeless. I wish I could say I won’t drink with you today but I’m already past that point. But I do hope you find a way to heal, you’re not the only one going through this shit. If I had any family in this country I would turn to them.

  22. My question is how can anyone love you when you hate yourself so much? That’s my pain right now.

  23. Definitely interested in seeing everything you’re selling

  24. Can you send through pics and prices? Thanks!

  25. Taking photos tomorrow of everything I have, will post here.

  26. Gary revealing to Andy his situation with rehab and how empty his life is from World's End is good too.

  27. As someone who's struggled a lot with depression "it was never as good as it was that night" has always hit me hard.

  28. In the 90's and 00's, clients used to come to the best advertising agencies in the world, and the agencies would tell them what to do. Now they come to the best agencies in the world and tell us what to do.

  29. Great answer. I had one client say to me “stop trying to be so creative, just do what we want.” I’m a firm believer that creativity needs to sell but when I’m told it’s useless I just give up.

  30. Strangely enough it was the following year. Weird that.

  31. If you take one lesson from her and Martin Shkreli it’s this, do not fuck with the wealthy peoples money

  32. Yeah I notice she wasn’t found guilty of defrauding the little people. But the investors, oh yeah, can’t do that!

  33. Secure, Contain, Protect. It's fiction. The SCP foundation's mandate is to catalog, classify, and possibly detain "monsters" and phenomena. Think Men in Black, but not just aliens - like... ghosts and space-storms and gods... basically any weird shit.

  34. Got it. So a cross between MIB, Ghostbusters, RIPD, and SHIELD.

  35. And she could act, unlike the current one.

  36. It's professional psychologists and psychiatrists doing them, often not even Catholic - the one I saw wasn't. One of the main components of the exam was the MMPI-2, an inventory with 800 Yes/No questions that is good at ferreting out whether someone is trying to hid something.

  37. I feel like people should have to take these tests before being allowed to have children. I’m so sick of seeing all the horrendous child abuse stories. But that’s an argument for another time.

  38. It is prevalent in other organizations - Boy Scouts, teachers, etc. A middle school teacher in the public school in town was recently convicted and a high school aide under investigation.

  39. I didn’t know there were psych evals so that’s good to know. But I’m wondering how easy they are to get around. If you can beat a lie detector I’m sure it’s pretty easy to not give away your sexual feelings about kids. But either way thanks for replying.

  40. Are you saying that a change of heart can lead to a change of heart?

  41. Just as baffling as what's happening in Georgia - how people voted for a brain damaged ex-football player who has paid for multiple abortions and can't string a coherent sentence together is beyond me.

  42. What if I ran as a Republican, said a lot of right wing stuff, got elected, then switched and became the Dem I actually am? Seems like an easy way to grab power in a red state.

  43. I hope he’s ok but he’s a twat. Not funny, not talented, Bill Hicks nailed him.

  44. Oh no. I hope he’s ok. He certainly doesn’t deserve that. No sir.

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