1. There really should have been a Hublot link to landfill homepage or something.

  2. I imagine the guide that came through in response to your post is enough. Is there anything else we can help you with, Master?

  3. Definitely use an image editing software. Did you by chance create this with a vector program? If so, continue to use that.

  4. Not really. It was stripped from my kid’s lacrosse team website as a jpg, and cleaned up in lunapic, then converted to svg with an online conversion tool. A few “re-converts” and “re-adjustments” of the initial image were necessary

  5. Can you just scroll down? This question has been asked a few different ways recently.

  6. I can’t see anything wrong with it.

  7. Post like this is why there’s only a handful of watch makers/repair shops left. No one tried and failed

  8. Do mechanics disappear when people are discouraged from working on their cars at home? Is that how that works?

  9. This looks great for $50 but it may be too good to be true.

  10. If you are stuck in the sub-$100 bracket, Wu''s fluted bezels have been the closest to gen thickness lately based off everyone's posted QCs. Otherwise, this is a piece I went straight to Reptime sellers for.

  11. A Datejust. Sources in guide you were just zapped by the bot.

  12. Nice replica of the datejust 2, 41mm. Only problem is the datejust 2 never came with a jubilee band. It only came with the oyster band so a simple band swap and it would be nice.

  13. Nope the green dial didn't return until 2022 in the brand new datejust 2 that just came out Rolex 126334 does come in green dial and jubilee. But the new 2022 datejust 2 looks to have a new slightly narrower bezel compared to the 2009-2017 models. But it's hard to tell in pictures. Because camera angle charges.

  14. 126334 is not a Datejust 2. It is a Datejust 41. There is nobody calling it a Datejust 2, which has specific specs, except of the one mislabeled listing you produced.

  15. 'Junk' because they are actual pieces of shit that most people will want to upgrade from. We landed on Junk because it's a good word to have people shift up to entry instead of wasting their money.

  16. To me, “junk” means of no value and ready for the trash. Shitter is more playful no matter how crude. Reality is that the terminology we use here isn’t really going to be determined by Chinatime. Post a shitter on reptime and they call it a shitter and direct them here. The neighborhood bully ain’t gonna pay any mind to the preference of the kid whose name is Richard but wants to be called “Rick” over “Dick.”

  17. Sure but a bunch of us are already using these updated terms to specify in discussions.

  18. NWBIG isn’t necessarily $800 though btw. There are $400 models there.

  19. Overpaid by more than double. Name any feature of a watch, this has a flawed version of that feature. As a whole, not worth complaining if it were $75

  20. Silver Alert: missing adult with documented mental condition or vulnerable senior that may have wandered.

  21. If you've ever been in that situation, you'd know that little comforts and wins like that can be the thing that keeps you going and not spiraling down a depressive hole. When you're not watching a 401k get bigger or a mortgage get paid down, you psychologically take wins where you can get them.

  22. These “psychological wins” are “success failures” that lead to psychological losses. “Selling your food stamps for cigarettes””because it feels good” isn’t healthy behavior, immediately nor holistically. Those emotionally or financially connected to your well-being (as in your family or those paying into your welfare benefits) aren’t going to celebrate the victory of your C4 energy drink and Marlboro cigarette earnings when the monthly cost of such things equals the price of a Karako job interview suit- which would result in real happiness, not the temporary illusion of it.

  23. You're right. It's a cruel trick of the way someone's brain chemistry can be at odds with the society we've built.

  24. Some of what you just said I can agree with for sure. Especially when you factor in mental illness and substance abuse.

  25. I sent a email to the listed address

  26. Yes. Several times. He is not my preferred dealer for most things but for this particular watch he is the only one that stocks it.

  27. Does he have WhatsApp or just e mail ?

  28. Never used WhatsApp with him. Honestly, I just order from the website when I deal with him. He will send you some sort of bogus invoice for watch straps or something and then sends real QC and ships it after approval. But if there’s an alternate way of paying that you’re seeking, email Josh.

  29. He posted about how he spent $400 on a chinatime watch from Duke and the tracking # was all messed up and he was worried . Everyone told him it was ok . So everyone was right . He doesn’t have much experience. He deleted his original post

  30. In all fairness, that striking device doesn’t put equal real estate on the striking point for each video.

  31. Gotta wear it lower down the arm so the crown doesn’t scratch the MRSA

  32. Cradling an imaginary ball on the sidelines of his kid’s lacrosse game.

  33. The albino on his site is better

  34. Wonky, I see misaligned markers on reptime vsf watches. Then reptimers say shit like it's still GL what do you expect a real one. Your only paying 500$. For $500 that better be a perfect super clone. I see a lot of settling with OK quality. Might as well get a chinatime rep.

  35. Not only a superclone, a AAA+ Swiss superclone

  36. Markers and bezel are a little wonky. But yeah. Worth $65.

  37. I only care about the inside movement, i just want similar movement to gen, so I can completely disassemble and apply gen exterior parts, like face, band, crown, etc

  38. I’m lost in this shit. Are you talking about disassembling the movement or are you talking about removing the movement from the case of the watch?

  39. I’m just looking for a low end 3235 movement, or 2236, don’t worry about the project at this point 😂

  40. Low end for those are beyond your budget. If you mean a2836, eBay. $50. Anticipate compatibility issues with gen parts if you go this route.

  41. You can do it online at BoatUS. It’s cheap. It takes an hour. They add a notation on your drivers license.

  42. He is not a Trusted Dealer. Go check Chinatime’s guide for his contact information.

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