1. Sick collection! I just vomited in my mouth a little bit.

  2. It’s tightening suspension I would assume

  3. Didn’t they have a carnival there? Maybe it was years ago?

  4. Dododoododododoodododdoooododododoodoooo

  5. Cute until he takes your car keys, camera bag, food…and dignity!

  6. Some collection. You’ll need some time to get that built!

  7. That’s awesome. Loved klein growing up!

  8. Very very good album. He’s so versatile. Reminds me of GZA. Humble. Smart. Mad flow.

  9. It’s a Ponzi. Someone else won’t get theirs now.

  10. Dope. Bring the letters a little closer together I think

  11. I remember driving a VTiR version of this in the 90s with the Tokyo dash. Was a beautiful car. Zero rear seat haha

  12. The best photo of a Folex I ever seen.

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