1. The general rule is .36 g for pound, right? what does steven weigh, like 165? isnt this normal?

  2. If I misrepresented something, feel free to message me on Discord if you're down for a convo about it :)

  3. I think I would rather give myself a lobotomy than have that debate lmao

  4. Wait is this what people meant when they say "Dan stock going up"?! I thought it was just an expression lmsoo

  5. You can bet with fake money. Destiny also mentioned about a tie-up with this company that would integrate it to

  6. Nah, every time the goal is met, he releases one of the child slaves in his basement. It goes to a good cause, and Chud's pretty open about it.

  7. Indian Hindu caste would be fun since Indian Hindus always get ass mad online and Hindus in particular are some of the rudest people. Every Muslim, Sikh, and Buddhist Indian I have met has been pleasant but holy fuck are Hindus the rudest fucking people! I can’t stand Hindus and their rudeness and I looked it up to find out if I am racist, I’m not, everyone agrees Hindu Indians are fucking assholes. What the fuck? Don’t they believe in karma? Why are being such an asshole. Like I can’t stand Hindus. I know this is racist and bigoted but I just don’t know why they can’t be chill like Indian Muslims, Sihks, or Buddhists.

  8. Bro, chill with the generalizations. There are like a billion Hindus.

  9. Cringe bars about the ex-wife. First track was better.

  10. You should take your complaint up with destiny if you don’t like the conversations he’s having. If he agrees to the talk, he can end it whenever he wants. The fact that 10,000 people are glued to the stream makes it fair to say Destiny does not mind having this conversation. Shit, you’re in here discussing it too!

  11. When he's talking about "dropping the conversation", he's talking about how Mr. Girl is perceived and how it would be better to not cling on to the same points and move on.

  12. From a crackhead in the subway, he told me to follow destiny and asked me for a dollar, i found out about destiny and gave him a dollar.

  13. Over explain my points when talking with friends. Acting like someone was going to clip chimp me.

  14. I mean his lyrics have always been aight, it’s the beats he produced that always set him apart for me. But for me, he crossed the threshold from talented artist who’s a little crazy to a crazy artist who’s a little talented a long time ago

  15. Kanye's lyrics stand out, in my opinion. Not complex but so quotable and hilarious.

  16. Stop corrupting her she’s literally fighting a war rn

  17. Not the official rules but it's the more fun way to play.

  18. The last guy and the Beto guy should have been given more time. It cut short when the conversation was getting interesting.

  19. Personally I'm happy he directly called out the absolutely bonkers fascist apologia takes the MR crew minus Binder has about Russia. It was borderline surreal watching them make such incomprehensibly stupid arguments while jumping down Binders throat for suggesting we shouldn't give fascist invaders whatever they want

  20. If you genuinely feel strongly about it then you should be able to articulate it. Otherwise don't have a strong opinion or at least don't bring it up.

  21. Why does this weird mfer insist on hugging men by the waist?

  22. Can't reach the shoulder. Check your height privilege.

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