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  1. Pretty good. Darn. And that's coming from a straight male. Those hair at the belly button though... Lol

  2. Pretty sure down voters are the one getting whoosh

  3. Standing in between 2 opposite car lane, I was thinking to myself if I'm gonna die here

  4. Do you know what. One time I decided to jay walk a 8 lane road. And it felt so short. 100km/h the speed limit. See this “huge break”. I bolt, it would save me so much time. I went half way. Realized I may have under estimates myself. I barely made the last half. Cars move fast, you feel desperate. Brain is dumb.

  5. I remember visiting India and there are places where you don't have a choice. There's situation where either:

  6. I just started as well. After a horrendous months of relapse. Lost so much time in the shower room.

  7. Quite sad when arguments among the adults causes a distorted pyshic mould for the teenagers. Hopefully this teenager can be rehabilitated.

  8. I clicked into the article just to read the sentence after reading your comment. But I'm not gonna tell you. Ahahaha

  9. Currently serving my resignation notice. My boss doesn't want to release me on the date I've planned. I don't want to tell them I I've got a new job. I have already informed HR to deduct my leave and unpaid leave but feel on deaf ears.

  10. If the notice period same as contract and you sent email as evidence then they lan lan suck thumb.

  11. Seems like, if gender reassignment is completed (ie no unwanted appendages) she should b in a women's prison, no?

  12. But if there's "incident" in the female prison then there'll be more debates. Maybe this is the "safer play" because Singaporeans aren't as empathetic towards transgender?

  13. Like touching? Or even blatant accusation where there's no camera. Another female resident says "he touch my private area" then that time the warden really scratch head liao.

  14. International was such a fiasco that I've set it to be erase from my memory by the end of 2022

  15. From my observation, social media has become a tool to climb the social ladders. The more happening it is, the more friends they have / attract good stuffs / doing well (whether it is real or not). A person without instagram updates = viewed as a loser

  16. You're a student aren't you? If you're a student then yes. If you're a working adult, nobody really give a shit.

  17. Oops i am late 20s and working already lol. I’m observing this from my family and friends / aquaintance / peers - all from different working industry

  18. Dunno why someone down voted. I restore your karma back to 0, balance, as all thing should be.

  19. And writing xenophobic message will reduce "cases like this"?

  20. Bro doing better PR and communications here than their official platforms.

  21. This is what people like instead of robotic respond smh my head

  22. Wouldn’t that hurt more? And what if you don’t have water, caus im ftuck 🤣

  23. Ask camera man to spit on top of frozen tongue

  24. Ridiculous excuse. You have eaten more than that. There's a whole world of American food. Get sth special from your home city or something.

  25. chill dude, bro was obviously just messing around with a joke

  26. This is my first time witnessing something like this. The ability of animals to converse without verbal communication is amazing.

  27. Majestic hair. Some styling to the clothing and you'll look so fly

  28. Due to covid, many people stopped visiting during CNY. Just book a staycation and enjoy the quiet downstairs

  29. With the money she's earning she can go vacation and flex liao. But aunties gonna be aunties, anything also can gossip.

  30. Nice of you to explain it this way for non-Chinese minorities

  31. This place gonna be a magnet for tik tokers

  32. So sad to see so little people mentioned merlini. The pubstomp I'd attended were doing lucky draws during commercial break so I'm guessing most people missed the once familiar faces that has been gone for so long.

  33. Not really, 33 and Saksa were just too fucking good together.

  34. A mid tuskar + any support to destroy anyone hero from the enemy team. The pysochologicsl traume is too real for team Secret

  35. Woaw I am impressed, I thought it's 100% secret win. Hoodwink and Mirana play were phenomenal.

  36. Tundra draft too unpredictable. Naga primal beast tuskar can do both core or support

  37. i haven't followed dota in a while now, is it the norm to not call "gg" anymore even if the game is completely over? I see they only do that when the opponents kill the ancient now, is it a TI rule or what?

  38. Maybe to have more time discuss about picks and ban. It's like boxing, why get up at 1st second when you can make good use of every second of it

  39. Why on earth are they trying to pull people out of the BOTTOM of a huge pile, while the people on top of everyone else just sit there and do nothing??? Get them up and off! Why aren’t they moving?

  40. Because at the back it's also crowded af. People on the top are trying not to step on those lying in the ground so they try to push back. Then people from further back panics and push back to the ramp that you see. Back and forth, back and forth and you've no idea how far back this goes. All the way at the back of the line, curious passerby who've no idea what is happening are trying to come in and see what's going on.

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