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  1. Its allways these anime pfp dudes that outta be the most fascist mfs out there just yesterday on twitter i came across a shitty take from some dude with a loli on his pfp claiming that games nowadays are woke and appeal to the degenerates sjws guess what his profile was decked out in fucking nazi imagery and buzzwords i refuse to belive normal people are like this these outta be some wierd ass neckbeards

  2. mfs like that make me embarrassed to like anime, which sucks cause its such a beautiful medium for storytelling

  3. i may not be a bottom, but I'm also aroace so y'all cant have me lmfao

  4. I am going to murder bartek. He will suffer the violent fury of a thousand suns. just watching anybody touch the zero dial like that fucking hurts

  5. as a bi/ace person, my response is simply just "why not both?"

  6. How can you be bisexual and asexual

  7. 1: the rate of detransitioners, or people who regret their trans surgeries, is 1%. 99% of trans people have been perfectly happy with their surgeries and gender. why should we restrict the 99% for the 1? the rate of trans suicide is huge, and vastly decreases with surgery. restricting this surgery is a sure way to promote more trans suicide. is that not worse than a few detransitioners? and btw I have sources for these if you would like

  8. :/ neither is holding wings tho…

  9. well yea, at femboy hooters the special dish is the eggs and sausage, and at tomboy hooters you can really chow down on some ground beef burgers

  10. U said femboi twice… and it’s not even a chili dog…

  11. its impressive that someone took the time to put this all together, kudos to them!

  12. When I was a little kid I (assigned male at birth) was sure I was supposed to be a girl. My friend asked me why, and I said because I liked girly things like art and music. He said “well why can’t you be a boy that likes those things?” And I felt my world shake. I began to think maybe it was ok for me to still be a boy even if I didn’t like boy things like football. My mum reaffirmed this when I mentioned the same thing to her, and said it was ok to be a boy who liked “girly things” like poetry and cooking, and that so many great poets and cooks were guys too.

  13. hell yea bro! im a dude who's firmly fine with being a guy, yet I'm still fruity and have hobbies that are both "masculine" and "feminine" in the eyes of society. i think the hallmark of healthy masculinity is being comfortable in your gender despite all the non-conforming stuff you do, not because you do things expected of your gender. to be confident that you are a man, regardless of what your hobbies or interests are, is IMO the best way to do it

  14. cis+ membership cards administered by f1nn5ter

  15. been subbed since the minecraft videos, where do I get my card?

  16. honestly OP sounds like it was just a misunderstanding and you waited exactly 6 minutes before getting mad.

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