1. They need to take the same stance with their shitty drones. Stop them making their way to Ukraine

  2. Mmmm, a slab of butter, if I’m feeling posh, some grated cheese and cheese and onion crisps. Heaven.

  3. Ok Dougal, one last time. These are small, but the cows out there are far away.

  4. Love these buttons. I have two to control the garden and porch lights manually from the inside of the house. I have two motion sensors but sometimes I want to have a look in the garden and not open the door to trigger it. Very wife friendly.

  5. Yes. It’s got a metal weight at the bottom to help balance it.

  6. Same here. I had 3 or 4 replacements. For me, this only occurred on lower fan speeds (1 or 2).

  7. Before it went away, it would do it at speed 2-4 it’s kept by my head on a bedside table. It would make enough noise to wake me up.

  8. Old boss assumed it was okay to call me Chris. I hated him. So I made a point of making sure he called me Christopher. Just because I knew it would cause him to type 6 extra characters on the keyboard with each of his bitchy emails.

  9. App store refers to Apple not Android correct? (not seeing anything on Android platform yet)

  10. Yeah. Same here. Keeps saying the hub isn’t responding. But it works fine with everything else like home kit.

  11. Yeah. I keep saying that. But as soon as I see hue on offer I end up buying more, then have to find somewhere to put them.


  13. Mine also just started doing this. I did a search on here and it’s to prevent dirt accumulating at the base of the dock.

  14. You’ve probably bent it too much on that first corner. I’ve seen this happen before.

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