1. Crazy how 2 people downvoted you. I hate this sub sometimes lol.

  2. Lol it's cause I like klutch . I'm not worried about it downvotes are just as good as upvotes

  3. Galenas artifact series blows anything Klutch has out of the water.

  4. Artifact is ass . Just a way for them to not take out the big stems

  5. Grow something that isn't smalls and i'll take you seriously. There used to be full size Klutch buds but now its this dry mummified remains of flower @ 185-200/HALF oz.. get outta here. If your'e gonna charge top $$$ it should be top quality and not a bag of popcorn.

  6. Geez it's worse then I thought . Gelenas got yal out here buying bud based off the bud size 😂 . It's a sad day

  7. Can't go wrong with either honestly both amazing , great , and tasty . Runtz is newer and one of my new Fava icc is one of my all time favs

  8. Without a doubt. I've been in the program for over 3 years and the sad thing is I swear klutch was the best of the best. I picked up sunset runtz today and I can't lie the buzz is good but it just has that taste of mold. Sometime last year I remember they started using a radiation machine then after that they went to shit.

  9. Definitely not moldy I'm just thinking you don't like that taste alot of their flower has.. funky is good

  10. Moldy and funky are too different things. Go to the Cincinnati zoo and visit the sloth and take a deep ass breath in that high humidity building and that’s what some of my orange 43 luster pods tasted like months ago. It was my go to pod for almost year and a half. I know what it was supposed to taste like and that shit was not it.

  11. I'd smoke the shit our of some funky zoo. But I feel ya . Last orange 42 co2 luster I got tasted just Like the flower, but I always get the co2 or live resin lusters

  12. I'd say try one of both .. also different co.panys have better carts then others and some have better pods. Also some companies that make good carts make terrible pods gotta watch out but I will say some of my favorite pods have been klutch and certified just try to stay away from the distillate

  13. Hold up .. bro you pour bud in the microwave lul .. that's wild

  14. You can put a rillo in the microwave to crisp it after you roll it. Cheif keef does it 😂 and snoop

  15. Lol I actually done that once before when I dipped my relo in Hennessy but geez that was like 20 years ago

  16. I can’t trust anyone that’s posting asking for sexual favors on Reddit. Sorry bud

  17. This guy saying we don’t know what pressure is. Go check his post where he’s asking for head in cleveland lol

  18. Lol got ya. In my opinion . I think the sunset is pressure

  19. Lembas Dough has been my favorite out of everything I have tried so far.

  20. Overall I enjoyed it. Good flavor on vape. With good euphoric do stuff energy effects.

  21. Nice . I'll probably try it again in a m9nth or two when they have had a little more time on it . Also could just be the plant my jar came from just wasn't as superior as the others

  22. What do you think of the uva Klutch is my fav , had uva last week and was a bit disappointed

  23. Just interested in what flowers are your favorites here in ohio

  24. Damn that's the best looking flower I've seen on this reddit

  25. Yea I mean I guess we are suppose to solve their mystery . . Or roll one and forget about it

  26. Na I've had kush mintz . Gush mintz is new . Cross of kush mintz and gushers

  27. Lmao they be putting false terp % on their packages

  28. Lmao that's wild, how's the weed taste tho .. you vapung it or smoking it ?

  29. I’ve been smoking it and it’s kind of hard to burn. It burns like a dab, had a little campfire in my bowl lol.

  30. Agreed. Got a half of Ice Cream Cake smalls recently. A lot of beautiful nickel sized buds for $80 on a deal. Pretty hard to beat.

  31. Yea I love their smalls . . Most of the time they are nice size . Like buds you would get in some 2.83s

  32. I always gave them props.. But last drops had a lot of seeds. Price should be way down!

  33. I've found a few seeds here and there With klutch But for the most part I've ever found more than 1 or 2 and a 1/2 bag and that's only been a few times and I mostly buy klutch and have been in the program for over 3 years But I'm sure it happens

  34. That rose gold is good just not my favorite kinda speeds me up makes me feel funny fr

  35. Did you try the zelato. Also have you tried the lemon cherry gelato . I can tell ya right now those two are here to stay and are gonna be people's favorites

  36. No I haven’t someone told me it’s sativa vibes and I don’t care for sativas

  37. You said down there that you tried zelato . Said the guy was right that it had Sativa vibes . Lol you must been blowed

  38. Yes , was good but not my favorite , I'd put alot of their others above it , only tried it once tho

  39. I had their dirty little secret half recently and it was the same way really bad taste like fresh plant

  40. Sorry to hear that man .Usually I have a good luck with certified half’s if I got a half that smell like that, I would definitely contact certified they will take care of you

  41. I did and they did , most of the other halfs I got from them were great

  42. Lol don't smell itaybe you won't sneeze on it .. jk but just to be real I don't think most people care about the no smoke rule , who cares what you do at home. They really can't stop what we do at home

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