1. Klutch is my favorite but im Not gonna lie . Their Josh d line up has fell off drastically. Besides the catfish

  2. Klutch is overrated. I've had three recently that tasted like hay and one that was filled with seeds. Other people are complaining about mold.

  3. Klutch is overrated but it’s better than the dust that BFE puts out.

  4. This shit is fire . One of the best if not the best wedding cake / wedding cake crosses around

  5. I just want something that I can leave on my dresser that doesn't scream, "hey look at all this marijuana". I have kids as well so that's a potential issue as they get old enough to know what's up.

  6. I have a case called the apothecarry weed box . Its priceys but it is beautiful and every box is unique and different becuase of the wood they use . And tge inside is beyond perfect for me

  7. I'll look into them. My kids don't go into my walk in closet often, but I want something that has the appearance of a watch case or a place to keep my valuables. Not something with Bob Marley smoking a joint with Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson. 😂

  8. the apothecary I have is really elegant looking . Like a jewelry box . Also they have a lock on them . . .if you are looking fir something simular also unique butvalot more cost efficient then check out upper room weed box on Amazon. . Awesome little box

  9. Haven't tried em yet. Don't have super high expectations but won't complain for the price.

  10. I haven't had columbia care in a long time becuase I was tired of all their weed smelling / tasting like crap and being dry . So I'd really like to know how some of their stuff has been lately

  11. Never tried rhythm , but I only just now started seeing it the past month or 2

  12. Taste: 4/5 •🍀🍀🍀🍀• Pretty standard heady / terpy taste. Minus one star because I was searching for the mint taste.

  13. Whats a heady/ terpy taste lol . I was curious about this strain. Wonder if it actually taste kushy

  14. Fs kinda hard to describe, how would you describe the taste of kush? 🧐

  15. I'd say kush is really earthy and Gassy a little sweet a little peppery & piney. A taste that lingers around after you exhale. Delicious

  16. Let us know if you do . From my experience they have produced some good weed . . Not the best but pretty consistent and good

  17. Qubus are very good, just on the expensive side honestly…Krush Kube 3.0 is similar to Qubus but a lot less - cost about 60

  18. Yea the price is crap but I knew that before buying and i dont regret the purchase at all . Its cool to have and show off . I still have it and it still works like brand new and I think I may have cleaned it once . . I wish they had different blade options like they said they would . . But yea anyone wondering there are definitely better options for price

  19. I think it could help alot especially if used responsibly

  20. How much edibles do you eat it one day ? How much mg .

  21. I’ll do you one better and give you a scoop of honey in your tea!

  22. Hows the taste . I heard they use moldy priduct to make their eddys and concentrates ..but I don't believe it

  23. That dirty little secret is great . The dark rainbow is great ..the apple slaps is really nice . Also when on the menu if you see it say select next to the name of The Strain that means They hand selected those buds and should be really really nice quality

  24. Looks like a lot of PGRs were used on that G Soap, careful fam

  25. I hear that alot and i appreciate the warning but People say it about klutch. =T55t I should stay fsr away. Butbl honestly itn Doesn't bother me . It helps me out with most of my NEEDS so I'm usually a happy camper

  26. I think you’re out of your comfort zone with this one.

  27. I was just messing with ya . Their rosin is definitely good. I use to get it when it was a bit cheaper but I haven't had any since the price went up. If I was gonna buy some I'd probably buy their bigger packages

  28. Terpinolene is definitely one of the most noticeable . But not my favorite

  29. I guess I'm defective also . I to leak out of the bottom hole

  30. Walk the dog on trails as a smoke early morning and play fetch @ mt airy park. It's Super peaceful . Also play the game, look up cool weed accessories , new vape products , look up new strains popular in other areas . Blaze some more. Hop on reddit

  31. The greasy runtz I haven't had for a little while but the last time I had it it looked just like the pic I had a 5.66 of it and the buds were huge they are one of the few that don't try and skip all smalls in on there bigger stuff however it does annoy me that there half's are smalls. I want to try the truffletini so so bad nothing but A+ reviews and what I hear bout how it presses man but I have never seen that at any of the three dispos in my area hell one of them I've never seen certified there that I can recall but then again it's a weird dispo.

  32. Did anyone read past the first paragraph . Be honest .

  33. I zoned out shortly after as well --- they obviously be smoking sativa.

  34. Lol not gonna lie I even kinda just skimmed through the first paragraph ...( :^ [ )

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