1. I’d say so, I switch between green and white depending on the concentrate. I waited a really long time to even consider the core as I wanted full control over the device. Once the v5 came out for the core it was a no brainer

  2. Ah see I need something that can be portable . Sorry I guess I should have put that somewhere

  3. Fair, I would argue it is pretty portable, but obvi no pressure and to each their own

  4. I mean Porta le to where I can use it discreetly at work . . Something I can put in my pocket and use while walking a trail type portable.

  5. Can you do soe solo cause I saw some stuff about the works and yeah

  6. Just waited close to an hour and half just for them not to honor the 4+ items =20% off. Really any weekday in the morning is good.

  7. Really . I just got the 4 items for 20% off at sunny cincy

  8. Hope everything went well also did you ever get pics of this

  9. First things first - get that coil out and clean the threads underneath. Can't replace the coil if the threads are shot and the old tub is gunked in. Alcohol and q-tips. A lot of them from the looks of it. You're going to want to go ahead and ditch that coil.

  10. What do you mean by running 2 or 3 cleaning cycles . What would a cleaning cycle be . I just got mine today and I love it . Just trying to learn how to clean coils before that time comes

  11. Click three times for "sesh mode" and just let it run. Eventually it will burn off the collected oils and clean the coil. Keep the coil pointed down during this time so that oil doesn't run up into the body of the device. When you stop seeing smoke, it's done. Let the coil cool down before your next hit.

  12. Thank you . For some reason I can't get sesh mode to work

  13. Yeah I saw it yesterday and was desperately hoping it wouldn't be gone today

  14. You know you can place your order at 730 or 8 pm Friday night ( or any night ) and pick up Saturday ( or the next day what ever day that would be ) . I always order at night

  15. Yeah that's what I did. I saw the price early yesterday so I was gambling it wouldn't be gone if I waited

  16. Lol not gonna lie I placed an order for yesterday and didn't pick it up so there would be one left for today . But there was plenty left last night so I probably didn't need to do that but I did

  17. That g nut looks beautiful . Like a pine Christmas tree

  18. Same but they always got a 45min+ wait too. Ever 48$ for a .85 cart or wax is still steep. I really just wish they would call it what it is, recreational

  19. Far from recreational. Rec prices are way cheaper .and rec weed is better usually

  20. I'm going with the lookah swordfish for work and gonna get a dtv5 for home and trip . The dtv5 looks awesome. After days of researching the dtv5 seems to be the best for cleaning. Taste . And almost everything lol might be a little complicated for people who never used a box mod

  21. Grabbed meat pie. Will post a review later.

  22. Wats the best dry flower vape that’s not too expensive that is still small enough to carry wit u?

  23. Going to tell you what NOT to buy. I got a Pax 3 ever since first hit my hits taste terrible. Taste like complete ass. I pre-cooked the chemicals off. Cleaned after every use. Got multiple new oven trays. Worst $200 I’ve ever spent.

  24. Yea the Pax is terrible . My buddy has one and it's garbage. . Waste of good tasting flower

  25. No but it caught my eye fir sure. If you do try it please post some pics and stuff

  26. Purchased from bloom in akron. not sure what their return policy is like…

  27. It might not be Verano but the way bloom stored it

  28. Nice . And yea there flower is all over the place . Some is terrible and flavorless some is awesome

  29. You puffed it all in one hit . . No more lusters for you

  30. I laughed at that one. That’s funny. I guess I should include the packaging with oil all inside that way you sir believe me lol

  31. I was just messing. I'm not sure why anyone would take the time to lie about that stuff and your story was simple and not a book . But I'm sure there are some made like this . Did you save any of the oil

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