1. Seeing Stevie on the thumbnail I'm going to assume the first 3 rules are lie, cheat, and steal.

  2. Same thing you buy when buy a stock and the same thing that's in your bank account.

  3. AGE's are 22k. They have 1 troy oz of gold, plus some silver which helps make them more durable for circulation. American gold buffaloes are 9999 fine gold though.

  4. GS has a ton of employees currently. A floor of employees is probably 2-3% of their staff.

  5. So you think market going down is a bigger indicator then gme going up?

  6. Yes, GME could be going down as well right before it pops, talking hours or a day or 2 before launch.

  7. FWIW, to have a comparable amount of worth pre split, you would need to have 4 contracts instead of 1, at which point the pricing would be the same as pre split. No doubt it makes it more affordable/divisible with the lower price for a single contract, but technically they aren't cheaper as you would need 4 now vs 1 pre split for it to be apples to apples. I only try my hand at options on calls when things look really oversold and IV is also relatively low and I also personally put a very small amount at risk, because I fully expect they could expire worthless.

  8. You may want to consider exercising and take delivery of those shares. That's the best thing if you want the price to continue higher. As far as selling, yes the funds should be available shortly after selling. Rolling just means to buy to open at a later date after selling to close the existing position.

  9. Did the site shut down? I can’t seem to access any of it or find it on google anymore

  10. Normally they will be in the same login, especially if they're coming from the same broker. If they aren't once you create your login, then you can call CS to clarify what's going on.

  11. Public actually which looks like it's somehow worse than robindahood. Truly a feather in their cap for that accomplishment.

  12. I'd say roughly 25% of the time since it started being tracked. Mostly on sideways days. It's more likely to happen if some random stock is pumping like the loop capital one and gme isn't having much price change throughout the day.

  13. Me, too. I've never interacted with him. I've never tweeted/re-tweeted him (or anyone). My Twitter exists only to like RC tweets. I wonder if he blocked anyone following RC.

  14. Not anyone, I'm following RC, never looked up this guy until today and I'm still able to view his tweets. Probably going to get blocked soon though for looking him up.

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