1. As someone who shaved all of their hair off, I can unfortunately say that the answer is "not much".

  2. It sucks, but luckily I found some other schools/classes that were a lot nicer, gonna be enrolling in them. And thank you for the last comment, might take a while but you never know.

  3. Hey OP, I don't have any legal advice for you, but I just wanted to say that I am an autistic performance artist with ADHD, and the vast majority of my colleagues at the moment are also neurodivergent in some way.

  4. No one genuinely cares about others gender. “They” is not a gender, it’s a pronoun used to refer to two or more people or things previously mentioned or easily identified.

  5. Because I want you to know that in order to be a bigot you have to care.

  6. This conversation is no longer safe for me. I'm tapping out.

  7. I know a number of people who consider Queensland to be the Texas of Australia.

  8. So this is a serious question, because you seem knowledge: How do you believe they would react with some transgender?

  9. I don't know specifically to this situation, but more generally, First Nations Australians have an extensive history of recognising and accepting trans- and gender diverse people. The terms Brotherboy and Sistergirl are ones you might see in relation to this. From what I understand (I might be wrong though, and I apologise if I have misunderstood or misrepresented any of this information), Sistergirls are recognised as having female spirit, and Brotherboys male spirit, with each taking on the roles associated with that spirit as opposed to the body they're born into.

  10. I'm in my 30s and a dancer with anorexia. My eating disorder and an injury actually kept me away from dance for a number of years as well, but I have returned to training again now.

  11. Quite frankly, and I'm being as diplomatic as I can muster here: you don't know what you're talking about at all.

  12. I am not educated enough about the case to say anything specific to that, but I just want to say that rape kits in hospitals look for more than just DNA. They also look for evidence of injury and other signs that sexual activity was non-consensual.

  13. According to the site, the max that someone over 21 can get looks like it's 900 a fortnight, which looks like is about 23.4k per year. So, you not working means the whole household is on <25k a year, which is pretty bad. No idea how rent assistant plays into things, but I remember that being 4/5 of fuck-all so I'm just going assume that's still the case and count it for 0.

  14. Once had a guy explain to me that what I like shouldn't be what I like. I kept explaining to him that while I enjoy oral and it definitely doesn't feel bad, I just don’t ever orgasm from it. The best way to get me all the way there is stimulating the g-spot with either hands or other devices. Dude was all like, "Yeah, well, it's scientifically proven that women orgasm more from oral than penetration." Like yeah, dude, most women do but everyone is different and I know my body pretty well.

  15. Ugh, I've received that same lecture from guys as well. Sorry, dude, but history says that I don't orgasm from oral. I don't think my body cares about what the stats say.

  16. I'm on the other side of this as the guy, I can make her orgasm from oral sometimes but it's never a sure thing. When I feel like it's going to happen I give it a red hot go but most of the time it's just the appetiser before the main course, and she lets me know when she wants her main ;)

  17. I do the same! I often end up right on the edge and don't go any further, and I am not patient enough to have someone keep trying too long.

  18. I know some of us have a large range due to stretchy/flexible vocal cords. I have a low raspy voice, but sing alto and can hit really high notes. I used to be super self conscious about it because of how deep my voice is. But I'm too old to care about that anymore hahaha. I'd love to see how mine work.

  19. .... Oh my god. That's why I have the range I do? That also explains why I've barely lost any range even though I'm pretty deconditioned. This has blown my mind!

  20. Why did you want to know and why did you want to check if I'm sure? Just curious. It's okay if you don't want to answer.

  21. I'm sorry you experienced all of these things. You didn't deserve any of it. And you're kind of a badass for punching the asshole in #10! Go you!

  22. I accidentally taught my dog the command "Your Butt." I'd tell her all the time "move your butt" and eventually I could just say "your butt" and she knew to move.

  23. My boy knows "plant your butt", which comes out on the rare occasion he decides he's too cool to listen to "sit".

  24. Hey OP. So I am in a similar limbo to you. I can’t give you definite distinct answers but perhaps some of my experiences can put your mind to ease.

  25. Thank you so much for sharing your story with me, I really appreciate you being so generous.

  26. I can only point you at resources -

  27. You wonderful human, thank you! I hadn't come across these resources myself yet, and I really appreciate you sharing them with me. You were right about the link to my local Language centre - I'll definitely be contacting them!

  28. For the first time in my (30AFAB) life, being intimate with someone feels completely different than anything with my abuser(s). My lover at the moment is the first person with whom my continuous consent is not only sought, but actively cared about. There is no bitterness, no sulking, no guilt tripping if I have to tap out for any reason. Potentially needing to stop is just an accepted part of intimacy for him, whether it occurs during a simple hug or all the way into when we're sleeping together.

  29. I am a "head so full I can't catch anything and I mistakenly described that as 'quiet' for way too long" kind of person.

  30. Diaphragm training, absolutely. But also ensuring general groundedness.

  31. I recommend looking up Tas specific legislation and reviewing it alongside our federal DDA (1992) if you haven't already.

  32. I've had psychiatrists do the same to me, and it's completely valid to feel weird and disheartened by it.

  33. I'm a person who also avoids medical attention for pretty much all dislocations and subluxations. The only time I go to a doctor if I think I've actually broken something (and even then.. I sometimes have to be convinced). Lots of medical trauma is such a fun time for when I try to look after myself. I do, however, have a great hypermobility-specialised physio, and she's been great. Especially for subluxes.

  34. I got my first binder within the last week. I've found it far more comfortable than a lot of sports bras actually, which surprised me.

  35. Interesting. It seems like many people have a “limit” before becoming too symptomatic or passing out. Is it odd that I’m basically asymptomatic and don’t pass out even when I reach 195-200bpm?

  36. Oh, I can have a crazy high HR and be asymptomatic, and then sometimes I get symptomatic in the 120s (such as passing out). It's variable, but after working with the limit that was set for me, I'm less likely to be symptomatic at the lower HRs now. I didn't state it in my other comment, but along with stopping when my HR got to a certain point, I also had to stop if I was even slightly symptomatic. Sorry for missing that piece of information!

  37. That’s very interesting (obviously it sort of sucks but interesting nonetheless haha).

  38. I honestly don't know enough about it to say whether there's a particular reason for all of that variation! I know I'm much more likely to be symptomatic at low HRs if I get too hot or if I haven't been doing the other things I should have been to help manage it. Heat, humidity, and not drinking electrolytes daily appear to have the biggest impact on my symptoms. I'm also someone who menstruates, and things seem to fluctuate a bit with my cycle as well.

  39. I suppose if it was a food allergy or something it would be fine, just it seemed a little picky to me that none of the food would explicitly make her sick, she's just really paranoid about certain interview and carbs.

  40. The thing is, it would (or could) explicitly make her sick. That's what an eating disorder is. If she relapses, she is going to be extraordinarily unwell.

  41. Covid almost forced me to recover funnily enough. Almost.

  42. That must have been a tough time on your brain, I'm sorry. Ain't covid just wonderful?

  43. I literally have Covid right now and somehow got seduced into looking at proed content but I relate that the ed never went anywhere anyways

  44. I'm sorry you got seduced into proed stuff. And that you have covid. I was so unwell when I was acutely sick and I'm still struggling with some post-covid awful nearly a month later, so I hope you don't get too unwell with it!

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