1. 39,030,000 pop... down from 39,140,000... in the last year. PA went 13,010,000 down to 12,970,000

  2. Percentage doesn’t really matter at all in this case. This is not counting the exodus of massive commercial businesses due to horrible tax law. Or the drug/homelessness issue and people shitting on the streets.

  3. Whenever I heard someone say businesses will flee because of taxes it drives me nuts. What do you want to let them keep holding state and local government hostage over taxes all the time? Too many times we’ve seen I’m guessing being near where interstate 80 and 81 intersects plays some part but where I live there are plenty of jobs. They are just shitty ones where they work people half to death for a starvation wage. $15-16/hr wasn’t even that great 10 years ago let alone today. Nobody is “owed” cheap labor. Too many times these places come in and demand all these concessions and incentives promising the moon and stars that never materialize with zero accountability. I’ve personally seen it in my area at least 5 or 6 times over the past 10 years or so. Amazon being the worst offender in this.

  4. I don't really care if it drives you nuts lol... It's a fact. Look at how many have left California in the last 5 years.

  5. I have a b2. I also have a Qaroma and Ceroma. The b2 is superior in all aspects. It’s the heaviest hitter out and the baller head makes all the difference.

  6. Dairy farmers who run the PA Milk Marketing Board which sets the minimum retail price and wholesale price of milk in each region of teh state.

  7. Yes you most definitely can. It’s not going to be in your air path so any fumes that might burn off would never end up in your lungs anyways.

  8. Yep the majority of budtenders I worked with were absolute idiots when it came to cannabis. Couldn’t believe that these people were part of an exclusive industry.

  9. Anyone arguing against this is a pedophile and I hate this guy as much as the next.

  10. Yeah this is their plan to get you started on medications that will cause you all kinds of horrible side effects that you just would never have to deal with if you didn’t eat foods that people are not supposed to eat anyways

  11. All the stories of modern killers eating people tend to be... white lol

  12. I guess you’re just going to ignore all of the indigenous tribal people who still exist and regularly eat people and are all black.

  13. Lol PA is an awesome state to live in… philly area is garbage but the rest of the state is BEAUTIFUL. Tons of jobs around the Pittsburgh area to be had and it’s easily one of the cleanest cities I have been to. Very low crime rate for a major city also. Anywhere I have lived I have had complaints but I always find myself back in PA.

  14. It depends on where you live in Philly. There are some nice areas to live in.

  15. The whole city stinks. Going down to the river is disgusting. It’s not a good place to be. I get there are some nice residential areas, but it’s easily the dirtiest city that I’ve been to

  16. The bud is wayyyyy better than any street plug is gonna give you. Just gotta know where to look.

  17. Cannabis allows you to be in touch with your subconscious. That is why we have so many profound realizations while “stoned.”

  18. I don’t think it’s totally safe. I’m not even 100% convinced it is all that effective. BUT if it helps people why not leave it alone? Why do you need to ban it?

  19. Because they cause way more harm than good. Poor kids take anti depressants in their 20s because they tell a doctor that they’re sad so he tells them to take anti depressants and they trust that doctor but then 5 years down the road they weigh 350 lbs and can’t get a hardon or can’t have children because they were a bit sad when they were going through natural hormonal changes.

  20. That all just sounds like one persons specific experience. I’ve been on them since I was a teen and I’m in good shape, work a full time job, and am happy and healthy. I know many many people who they’ve helped and I couldn’t name a single person that has taken them and not benefit.

  21. If you’re happy and healthy, why do you take anti depressants…?

  22. Taroma. Or just buy the flowerpot b2 and call it a day. I have the Qaroma and Ceroma. Both are awesome but the b2 puts them both to shame. The way the baller head seals makes all of the difference.

  23. You'll waste lots of good weed if you don't just buy a press... 300$ for an all in one unit on amazon is not a lot of money.

  24. There are many people who have claimed the same side effects. Idiots like you guys just prevent it from gaining traction, which is exactly what the pharmaceutical companies want their good little rats to do. Keep it up. Only the dumb stay dumb. The educated folks checked out a while back on y'all. We're still here doing our thing, just not including y'all cause you're a lost cause!

  25. You wouldn't even need video evidence here. The driver hit the rear end of the semi, which means they almost definitely had time to stop if they weren't speeding.

  26. Lol you’re so off base here…. The truck is at fault.

  27. Yes. It is a driver's responsibility to avoid objects in front of them. Or at least try. (Note: Honking your horn is not trying).

  28. Not in this case. The driver of the truck is responsible for cutting across lanes when oncoming traffic had the right of way.

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