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  1. I get employee samples every other week it seems like. The growers want us to try as much of their stuff as we can so we push it more because it was good. Not to mention that goes both ways if the product is trash, so if I don’t get samples from a bigger company, I know they probably aren’t confident in their products

  2. Same here I get so many samples… just this last week I got 3/4 of an oz of flower and a gram concentrate free. Not including the shirts and water bottle.

  3. I bought this too. It’s super top quality flower. I prefer it much over insa or trulieve’s sunshine variants.

  4. Cannabis college is a joke. Total waste of time and money. Your sales and customer service experience are more than adequate. Make sure you write a nice cover letter that explains how cannabis is important to you and explain why you want the job.

  5. I would buy concentrates instead. The reality here is though that different oils weigh different amounts. If you wish to avoid this, purchase from prime who fills by volume over weight.

  6. Found the inevitable dude that doesn't probably make even 70k a year and defending billionaires for free... I hope one day you look back on your billionaire simping with the shame you should be feeling now....

  7. I am a business owner. If you don't wanna work for me, ya don't gotta. GTFO lol.

  8. Even worse, a leech that depends on underpaying and exploiting workers that I have to make up for with my taxes.

  9. You’re a complainer. That’s why you’re not successful.

  10. Kind Tree is actually one of the better growers nowadays. Basically the bank/jushi

  11. Probably should take a step back and reevaluate where you are in life if you're that desperate to get high

  12. It’s medicine for a lot of people who suffer from endocannabinoid deficiencies. Some people do need it.

  13. The labs concentrates are hot garbage… no idea who they’re paying to pump their tires around here but not at all worth the price tag or the let down.

  14. At most 95 otherwise no one will buy it compared to good green at 85

  15. Good green is seriously probably the worst value in the program. Nothing good about rythm flower lol

  16. A ninja 400 is a great starter bike. I would recommend learning on something a bit smaller first though since you’re only 16.

  17. Yep every single day that it’s nice enough to. I have a z400.

  18. I know you, your the guy who tried to hookup with my 12 year sister!

  19. And *you’re the guy who skipped out on English class eh?

  20. Not sure the purpose of this when terpenes have absolutely 0 benefit in terms of edible cannabis…

  21. Possibly the worst GP in the entire program and the dude who runs the company is a straight up pathological liar. Their brand is a joke.

  22. Ppl here have said that they are horrible as a company and are rude to their employees and customers

  23. They had a guy who was. He’s been gone for a while now. I think it’s been long enough that they’re definitely worth another shot now for sure

  24. It’s hilarious when it happens back to them and they can’t handle it

  25. Balls to the wall on my z400. If you’re not risking your life, you’re not riding!

  26. OTD price when I purchased my 2022 z400 in July was 6700 USD

  27. Eastern PA gets better bud than Western, period. Looking forward to seeing Highsman our way soon.

  28. unfortunately you misread cultivar as caviar

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