Security guy desperately trying to do his job

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  1. Her natural eyebrows are killer, and this ain't it chief. Although this does has some star power, some Jeffrey Starr power, that is

  2. Yea they looks like they straight up disappeared. Not the vibe imo but you gotta take risks as a fashion icon ;)

  3. I'm sorry but wtf is up with the guy 🤣 his voice is so fucking high 🤣

  4. I know he’s a character himself lol 😂 they should have him on to counter

  5. My boyfriend has known of him for a while because he's into fitness and liver king has been in that scene for some time. He says that there were rumors his abs are implants 🤣

  6. Check out the video I just posted, they are likely sculpted/ab lipo. Bro has them showing in any position, even seated which is sus

  7. After realizing how small he is. It’s easier to look this way. I think he takes trt. I used to think he was on a cocktail of things, but with trt he could prolly look like this.

  8. TRT and ab sculpting/lipo between the abs for the fact that it’s always a 6 pack in any position, seated or otherwise

  9. Suck a ding dong. I’ve been WFM for over 10 years and many colleagues wouldn’t dream of going back either. We are paid on our output not physical presence.

  10. 200 overrrrrrrr??? I can’t even. Aren’t they already buying into negative equity?? The house isn’t worth that much …

  11. In my area a house went 1m over asking. Now a few months later they are trying to sell it for the same price and had to cut 500k since it wasn’t moving. It’s wild to watch.

  12. To me, at this point, it’s 50% Ethan/Hila - 50% the crew. The show wouldn’t be even remotely close to where it is personality, or content wise without the crew. Without the crew = totally different experience, not the podcast. Without Ethan = totally different experience, not the podcast.

  13. That shit was funny af. The show is not the same when Zack’s missing, like the day he was sick

  14. First of all thank you for the criticisms, we hear you and it's noted. In an effort to reduce the hate towards our guests we've decided to remove this post. Thank you for understanding!

  15. Ethan and Hasan should rename leftovers to “weird & gross” as a parody of fresh & fit

  16. Not that I personally engage with them, but unfortunately this also applies every single time Ethan features an unknown ghoul from some armpit of the internet as I imagine a certain percentage of the audience does.

  17. And the soundbites that accompany them really ingrain theses villains in your head

  18. H3 were also the defendants in the landmark fair use on YouTube lawsuit a few years back so they know how to handle lawlsuits

  19. They just beat 2 lawsuits and have 2 more they are fighting with a billionaire. They aren’t worried lol

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