1. Then you have your answers but I will also say you are still contradicting yourself. You want her to remove a boundary that she has but you do not. That is an incursion on her boundaries that you do indeed want her to remove. There is nothing wrong in stating that you can't be with someone that has it but to try to force it to be removed than this is where the problem lies. You need to accept her boundaries and if it doesn't align with yours then it's time to consider moving on. The issue has never been that you want it. The issue is your not accepting that it's a boundary for her. That's her boundary and if you can't move past it then it's time to move on. But be aware there is not going to be many people out there that are going to be ok with your request. I'm sure there are some but they will be in small numbers. Again it's perfectly fine to keep it as an unlived fantasy as well.

  2. Sorry but I can’t accept foreplay as an unlived fantasy.

  3. What you’re describing isn’t foreplay. You’re describing the desire to insert yourself into your wife’s private time. I’m really trying to remain neutral because you truly sound upset, but I just can’t see your side here. Considering ending a marriage because your wife won’t send you a nude while she’s masturbating is unfathomable to me. Maybe you should send her this post and let her decide. I’d be devastated if this were my partners attitude.

  4. And I’d find your stance devastating. I guess I just have different expectations. She can have all the private time she wants. I simply want engaged with sexually every now and then. I can’t defend myself anymore than I have. People took this way the wrong way. She does something I find really arousing, I ASKED her and told her that I find it sexy and just wish she’d be playful with me with it sometimes. I can’t fathom being that closed off.

  5. But, as multiple have said, muscle contractions are a sure sign. But it can be hard to feel those. And not feeling them isn’t ALWAYS indicative of no orgasm. I also look for ab muscle contracting. If her abs clench up up real hard, it’s probably real.

  6. Don’t settle and don’t expect anything sexual to ever improve by getting married. If she ain’t doin it before a ring, she sure affff ain’t doin it after.

  7. Genuinely curious: How did you date and get married without tons of verbal communication?

  8. There wasn’t any communication really. There never has been. But that’s also why our marriage is in a really really poor state at the moment. It may honestly end in divorce.

  9. Lol. Sitting here waiting on her to leave again. My lifeeeeee guhhhh

  10. Sometimes. He satisfies me but sometimes i just need to be on my own and explore. 💦

  11. Of course. Everyone feels that way. But if he asked for you to include just sometimes because he thought it was hot, would you mind? Or would you deny him for a decade? Even marry him.

  12. She’s know I have a Reddit. She doesn’t know what I do with it. I know she has one, I have no idea what she does either.

  13. I just started Zoloft a couple months ago. It really impacted me for a while. I’d say in the last couple weeks that’s mostly gone away. My desire level is lower but when it is there everything works as normal again

  14. Oh I totally understand the allure of drugs. If it wasn’t for my wife I’d probably be a junkie

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