1. Happy for her, also that she honoured her timeline to become a mama! I have a feeling she will be amazing 😍😍😍😍

  2. So glad you made it out OP, this was terrifying to read and made think of Sarah Everard’s case in UK (she was picked up by a cop and ended up raped and murdered) 😔 I hope you find peace and a loving/supportive partner who won’t ever think to lock you out of house.

  3. Where did you get the app? I cant seem to find it online or in playstore.

  4. Sure, I got it in the iPhone App Store - it’s called ESP trainer. I believe they should have it for android too but I may be wrong on that!

  5. Thats so odd. It wasnt on there last time I searched it 3 days ago, but it is now. :) Thanks!!

  6. Aww what a lovely friend ❤️ and OP you are really beautiful! I wish I looked that good during ovulation week even 😂😂

  7. OP - any updates on new alternatives you’d rate? This is honestly gutting, will write to Superdrug directly too.

  8. Noooooooooooooooooooo - you’ve just broken my heart, I’m almost out of my last tube of it and the night serum 😭😭😭😭

  9. True. In my professional career rapini is sold primarily sold as a green, not as a whole stalk, per se... I actually cooked some Raab on Thanksgiving, and I love the bitterness

  10. Honestly just extend grace and kindness to your partner if they are struggling with things like brain fog, noise sensitivity, clumsiness, tiredness or whatever else this hormonal cocktail causes. Basically - be a safe space and don’t blow up at them for small shit otherwise you risk seriously undermining their trust and affection for you.

  11. Sending you a big hug OP!! You’re not alone. This internet stranger is proud of you for taking it day by day and respecting the fact that you can’t handle big social gatherings right now. You’re still awesome regardless of metrics like weight or job status; those things will always come and go but at the end of the day you’re still wonderful you.

  12. I vote DC although it depends on her height ofc. I see balance leaning towards vertical/yang with a clear V shape. Something about her stature and the way clothing interacts with her kinda reminds me of Olivia Munn.

  13. Biased because it's the house I grew up in but Mandy Moore:

  14. Depends on the nature of the polygamy. Some polygamists culture don’t require permission of first spouse to marry the second one. That’s definitely cheating.

  15. Sure but that's like saying that some monogamous marriages are forced, so monogamy = rape. You're conflating polygamy with lack of ethics as if they're mutually inclusive when they're not. So yes Street_Biscotti is entirely correct that polygamy is not the same as cheating.

  16. The person above him was not saying that polygamy is cheating. The point was that SK comes from a family where men having multiple women as minimum normal. He saw men men jumping from one women to other without little consequence and internalized it. The problem for SK is that he is in a time and culture where most women won’t put up with it, so he just improvised.

  17. Sure I mean I accept that SK may have inherited harmful behaviours from his father. The overarching point still stands that polygamy does not necessarily mean cheating or being a fuckboi, and that men having multiple wives or serially cheating on their partners is not the gold standard of polygamy much in the same way that a forced marriage between two people does not speak to all monogamous relationships. It is reductive and offensive to neatly equate cheating with polygamy is what the commenter ^ is saying and I agree.

  18. Yes yes yes. I appreciate the nuance about colorism/racism in modeling being added to the conversation by black and brown models. Love that people are speaking out.

  19. Agreed. Own 👏🏽 your 👏🏽 privilege 👏🏽

  20. Wait are we all assuming she would definitely be in the natural family?! Kibbe never verified her as pure N. I’m not saying she couldn’t be but I would be interested in a spicy take haha

  21. He reminds me of Kibbe in that i want to say he seems FN but identifies as TR

  22. Lyoness is a sleeper hit of BPAL's general catalogue - Golden vanilla and gilded musk, stargazer lily, white sandalwood, grey amber, elemi, orris root, ambergris and sea moss.

  23. Even beef stromboli asked Nancy if she wanted to talk about it at the altar or privately

  24. Does anyone know if anywhere in London sells this?!

  25. Try the Bull in Streatham (mushroom, goats cheese and sweet potato wellington)

  26. Exactly. I don’t believe she cheated on him . Even the friend of his made the comment “ you felt you were played “ not “ you were played “.

  27. I noticed that too! Coupled with the fact his friend say ‘we know what happens when you fight- you yell’ it makes me think they’re very aware of his issues.

  28. I’m in England and have had the same issue with my BPAL packages :( I agree it seems to be an issue with the forms.

  29. I read that thread this morning and was honestly shocked too- moreso at the virtual high fives and cheers. What the heck?!

  30. You’re not gonna believe me when I tell you that this is a good thing. If I stayed with my ex I wouldn’t know what it’s like to be so Fucking loved even tho im batshit crazy. One day you will have someone even three years later asking “how can I help with your PMDD?” Love isn’t fairytales- it’s selflessness and support.

  31. While I agree that OP ultimately will be OK, I have to say this type of narrative (‘love isn’t fairytales; she needs selflessness’) can feed the beast a little. Sounds like she met someone who has boundaries and stuck to them. If I was with someone for five months and they displayed suicidal ideations, abandonment issues and psychosis you best believe I’d get out and prioritise myself too, especially if we had recurring arguments over it.

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