Afghanistan: All the female students started crying as soon as the college lecturer announced that, due to a government decree, female students would not be permitted to attend college. The Taliban government recently declared that female students would not be permitted to attend colleges.

I'm in this with you.

*Lowers face into palm*


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  1. I have no idea, I don't know what maqdis means. Can you tell me? Lol

  2. Re-read the post. I accuse only the ones with Israeli mentality as delusional (the ones who believe they are somehow entitled to the land yet their points aren’t valid), there are lots of Jews with morals and ethics that i highly respect. Well played.


  4. I know that the Holocaust did affect how the Jews perceive G-d. It drove most Jews towards atheism or at least away from the concept of a caring G-d, unable to reconcile the vision of this caring G-d with what had taken place. How could this supposedly caring G-d have permitted such a tragedy?

  5. There are a lot I can think of despite what people are saying in this thread (mainly because they aren’t Palestinian and don’t understand)

  6. What an insane amount of hate towards both Arabs and Palestinians. How sweet. Ironic, as Israel literally has people trolling on social media, their literal job is to argue and spread propaganda. But pop off. I think we can be more respectful here bud. I was just giving my personal advice. Have some manners.

  7. Afghanistan: Tears and protests as Taliban shut universities to women

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