1. Put a bowl under it. Wait a week. See if it's still leaking. If so, redo it with tape and pipe dope.

  2. One good thing about having hard water is that leaks generally stop by themselves:)

  3. Nice haul - a number are in my collection too - I love that Avengers 258 cover

  4. Jim Ignatowski or "starchild" is one of the funniest TV characters of all time

  5. Sloooowwww........doowwwnnnn

  6. Used mine today for the first snowfall. It can't handle the snowplow's bank and isn't all that great with wet heavy snow. But for the majority of the snow we get here it does a great job.


  8. Blaze - best to eat in not delivered

  9. Not doing locates before digging is a big deal. It could be a buried power or gas line that they hit next. This should be reported to your local building authorities.

  10. These yahoos hit a gas line a few weeks back. And then at least 3 times cutting cable lines. It has been a real sh!t show

  11. Hi there, im sorry to hear that your line has been cut. We will need to open a vendor ticket. Please open a ticket on our Support page.

  12. Thanks, ticket opened. But what about the larger issue of bell just screwing over the local cable customers?

  13. 123, that is about a 50% increase. Good thing I always buy a silly amount of candy

  14. You want a 14 - 0 return on beacon .. using 14 as example and 0 invalids means good news…. Try n Remove all firewalls on modem and recheck your antenna connection.. pin might be wrong inside terminal dbl check females ends accepting males. Its possible your Lora concentrator (square component in miner) might need to just be removed and reseated and as for final thought is “your just too damn far from other miners bro”

  15. Can't get my SB to do anything, no witnesses, beacon gets zero hits in an area with many miners. So frustrating

  16. Except for the DC it looks like my collection I also recently re-aquired after about 30 years

  17. Mine were in my brother's basement for decades, though about three boxes' worth of books were bought in the '80s and '90s and have moved around with me. Where were yours?

  18. Ha! My brother also had mine along with his own. Finally got them shipped back. I think he may have kept a few choice issues (all of secret wars) - I consider it a storage fee :)

  19. at 1/200th speed, jt appears the runner is out. in full speed, i'm sure he looks safe. too bad we get our balls in a knot and have to overanalyze every frame from the broadcast, lest a human make a mistake officiating a fucking game

  20. How about instant replay is at real speed, no slowing down. Used to correct blatant mistakes only?

  21. If you want to go back to work, a nanny will bring less illnesses home. Children can easily miss up to half of their daycare time because they're sick at home.

  22. The counter to that is daycare will always be open when your kids are healthy. A nanny will need days off for their own illness or whatever.

  23. PlayoffCrapshoot (see NL results)

  24. Thank you for this! Wow, yeah it is complex. So I it's more dependent on where you send your kids rather than what you believe in per se.

  25. Not even where you send your kids or even if you have any. Which board you will vote for, that's it

  26. I believe it is to determine voters for the Catholic school board positions

  27. Yet another 2nd place finish, just can't crack top spot

  28. Hi - when Lambo ? Want the correct date for my resignation letter

  29. Certainly but boy could they mash

  30. Those are the mildest speed bumps I've come across in Guelph. We have a van but it goes over very smoothly even at 50kph where others in Guelph you have to slow to 20 to not hit the roof

  31. It didn't give me the chrome cast option for the last game

  32. They are spicy over in the Yankees subreddit

  33. Figures for the Red Sox and Rays that Canada ends their vaccine mandate after having to go without key players for every game in Toronto this season.

  34. Just like non vaccinated Jays couldn't travel to the US

  35. Looking to earn crypto now that etherium is done - helium, chia, filecoin, weatherXM - what coins can I support but also earn along the way?

  36. Staking is how you support atom ?

  37. I am confused why someone would slab the human fly. Kapow comics lists it as a $10 book but a recent 9.8 slab on eBay went for $400.

  38. Why would someone slab The Human Fly? Because they can. I have the 1-19 run not in the best shape but wanted the amazing first issue and cover art as something to keep so I bought it fairly cheap at the time because thankfully someone had slabbed it.

  39. Thanks, I guess my real question is how to figure out prices when eBay sold prices are so different from posted prices on kapow and other sites.

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