1. Well clearly the other Borderlands games. Wonderlands as well

  2. On a Bethesda game? That's asking for the impossible

  3. I literally just found this car myself. I'm on console though, so I have no hope of being able to keep it

  4. Next game will definitely be in better shape. The engine they created themselves was the issue it was pain in the arse to work with. The UE5 they made a deal with Epic will speed things up with many tools and ready assets you can use and tweak.

  5. The move to UE5 will be great, but the step away from last-gen consoles will be just as good for it

  6. They said a while ago there wouldn't be multiplayer. However, they want to introduce it their into future games, and not just for the cyberpunk IP

  7. He means it in a metaphorical way, not a genealogical way

  8. That cat looks like it's ready throw down

  9. Better that you finish the show first. Then you can decide for yourself whether it could work

  10. This is where it starts picking up, as you're introduced to more people and get access to the rest of the city.

  11. Vermintide 2: 5 characters, each with 3 careers (classes). The additional classes are unlocked by leveling up the character

  12. A great way to play a wide sampler of video games of all genres is Game Pass; a service by Microsoft. Basically like Netflix, there’s a library of hundreds of games, and you can play any of them so long as you’re subscribed. It’s $15/month for Ultimate, I think $10 for just PC games, and your first month may be just $1. There’s plenty of shooters in there to enjoy.

  13. This is a great idea. Humble Bundle is also worth keeping an eye on

  14. Shadow Warrior 1 is much like Doom, and Shadow Warrior 2 adds more variety with the amount of weapons and customizability in playstyle

  15. Did you see that ludicrous display last night?

  16. What was Wenger thinking sending Walcott on that early?

  17. Simply put, if it was just the bare minimum, then it would still be viewed with the same contempt as it had back during launch. Bugs weren't the only things people were complaining about

  18. Ok now I understand. You're actually clueless to the general reception of the game right now. You actually believe that the game is still bad, and that most people share that opinion. Well I've got news for you: the hate train left a long time ago, leaving you behind. You're the minority now, with your shallow views. It's sad really, trying to keep that going. Better if you just give up and move on. You'll be better off for it.

  19. Why does it need to be a reference?

  20. Yeah. Also I’ve been seeing people saying that Phantom Liberty is the only expansion ever for the game ever? Like I said, if that did happen, that’d open to a huge lawsuit from consumers for false advertising saying that the game would get 2 expansions.

  21. Dude you don't know what the fuck you're talking about. That is, in no way, grounds for a lawsuit. Expansions are paid additions to the game (which you have not paid for yet) and CDPR has no obligation to do even one

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