1. Seriously! So weird that people are freaking out they’re losing the sexual aspect of this app. I’m sure it’ll be back. It’s not the end of the world if you can’t get a virtual kiss.

  2. Are people in this sub mostly scared about losing the NSFW content?

  3. Lying POS is wearing new clothes every day. No one has stolen anything from her. Just another pitiful attempt to elicit sympathy donations from stupid simps.

  4. The intro to their "about us" section is hilarious:

  5. I'd love to see how China would respond if they were to catch another country's "civilian research" balloon flying around in China

  6. Her family doesn't go searching for her. I assure you not 1 family would argue with her on the street, people make shit up just like she

  7. Yeah, these people that make up these elaborate stories about how they’re somehow “in the know” come off really cringey to me.

  8. I found this from 12/22 saying Business as usual.

  9. Yah, that coffee table is right against the fire place.

  10. Acne medicine sometimes causes something like this

  11. Yup, my husband uses Proactive and we get this on towels and his pillow cases.

  12. Is this a creative her marketing team made? It’s hideous.

  13. I’m 38 weeks and high risk and my RE, OB, and MFM all have had no issues with waxing or threading. Only eyebrow lamination and Botox sadly.

  14. Same, I tested positive too at my first appointment because as we all know, weed stays in your system for a while and I was a heavy user, I immediately stopped after I found out I was pregnant.

  15. Wow, I had no idea they were drug testing whenever I gave them urine/blood samples.

  16. Bitch please, you get food stamps. I wish I could get some food stamps in this shitty economy. 😒

  17. Um excuse me, it’s not food stamps, it’s called a “food buying card”

  18. agree, but now a days with a good ceramic coating, it will stay clean, but the kids\kid gear will scratch the crap out of it.

  19. To each their own I guess. With all the kiddos, dogs and crap, I like not bending down as much as a taller person. That’s one thing I greatly value.

  20. Yeah, we’d been in a coupe for years and storage was always a sore spot for us. It was also difficult to drive around his elderly parents because they have a hard time getting in the back so every time they’d fly into visit, we’d rent a car if we wanted to take a road trip somewhere with them (I.e. take them to Asheville for the weekend).

  21. Used to have bodybuilding pictures up too but took. Them down

  22. I like how there’s a mix of medical gore and food porn pics. It’s like a palette cleanser in between servings.

  23. Which is crazy considering they wouldn’t want to be anywhere near a moving human

  24. From OP’s description, I don’t think they were moving very much.

  25. Maybe I’m old but for us it was chicken nuggets, fries, chocolate milk and fruit cocktail cup

  26. I believe this person will Cashapp the money as much as I believed that other person said they’d give her $$$ if she could prove she was pregnant. 🙄

  27. Pup probably has the least amount of fleas in the picture

  28. I’m 7 months pregnant and pulled a stomach muscle while laughing at this. It hurt so much and I screamed so loudly my husband thought I was going into labor.

  29. In-N-Out is surprising to me because they are known for paying $18 per hour straight away, which put them above other fast food restaurants and warehouses.

  30. Came here to say the same. I know they’re still a business but usually they had always had the reputation (IIRC) of being the one fast food place to that had solid wages and growth opportunities.

  31. Deadass 😭 Mans saw the walls and was like “Hmm…I could go around. OR I could drive into it and die a hero!”

  32. Yes!! I just commented the same thing before reading your comment.

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