1. Try the Life Saber (LSV) or Silver Surfer (SSV). Cheap, built like tanks, HUGE bowls, and hit hard as hell, especially if you do a (ruby) ball mod on them. You can even microdose with them if you don't mind using basket screens. The LSV is also an all glass airpath if that matters to you at all.

  2. I prefer using a dynacoil in a dynavap on the go. Once it's overloaded, just dip the tip in alcohol, swish, rinse, and you're good to go. I usually keep two tips on me, one for flower and one for rosin (with a coil). Cheap, reliable, and low maintenance. I also typically use an induction heater vs a torch on the go but both work fine.

  3. The best way to clean up the Mighty path is switching to an all glass WPA and using a glass j-hook or mouthpiece. The flavor is much better this way too but you do trade some cooling.

  4. Is the WPA glass all the way down to the oven? In pictures I can see a plastic base that connects to the mighty but I can't tell if there's a glass lining inside the plastic?

  5. Yup. The glass wpa makes a seal with the ceramic bowl exactly like the CU does. The plastic rings just secures it so it doesn't pop off.

  6. How are you breathing? Are you taking short breaths or one long, continuous draw until the cap clicks cool? If it's the former, usually a closed airport and mouth-to-lung technique will give you the clouds you want, similar to ripping a joint. Otherwise, you can go for a direct-to-lung technique with a long, continuous draw (slow or fast). That should give you better clouds.

  7. How'd you get this for another 20% off? It's normally 150 and marked down to 120. 96 is a steal.

  8. It was marked at 120 no sale. And when I got there receipt says 24 off 90 day expiration.....?

  9. Is it not portable? I mean it doesn’t matter if it’s through glass. If you inhale on a mighty for 10 seconds it is suddenly a heavy hitter. The heater can stand up to any amount of inhaling you do lol

  10. Yeah, seriously. The Mighty milks my orbs easy and will choke you through a j-hook and wpa. Even with the stock CU, if you're taking a big draw, the Mighty makes some big ol clouds if you have the lungs for it ime.

  11. Had some gg4 within the last 3 months and thought it was solid. Grabbed 14g for $100 plus tax. Would definitely get again.

  12. Same here. Just picked up the GG#4 when it was 30+% off and while it has shitty bag appeal, the effects are on point for medicine. Smell and flavor is present too, but nothing to knock your socks off. Surprisingly wasn't very dry either but definitely wasn't spongy.

  13. I can't believe no one has recommended the qaroma, Taroma, ceroma XL. I believe its the only thing that will get me from combusting completely. I have chatted with a few guys that own them they too weren't crazy about vaping but this is injector style induction heating cannabis hardware makes similar vapes but only in titanium. I own a pax 3 it took some time to break in after I got a bubbler for it def became more tolerable to vape but if the weed is too dry it doesn't vape well imo and is mainly great for flavor. But I still like my pax but I also do bong rips daily aswell the style of vape I mentioned getiting is very expensive I am saving but holidays and stuff prob will be tax time when I purchase the ceroma it's $275 from

  14. Any ball vape is fine: b0/b1/b2 series, E43/DCelev8r, Pinky/TiTi, build your own, etc. Qaroma is nice too just a pain to source and ship since that dude is a very small shop and overseas.

  15. Smell: Very little smell. But, what is there, kinda smells like pine, citrus (more like oranges) and spices (more cinnamon than pepper). It actually smells nice, I just wish it were far stronger. Huge miss for me.

  16. 2.5 out of 5 for me. Not bad tho!! I just wouldn't grab again even on sale. I really want to try Lime Sherbert next. I was able to grab the planet of the grapes they did and it was 5/5 for me I loved it so much.

  17. Yeah, I can see how folks would rate it as average. If not for the effects, I'd rate it the same. But after another bowl, it left me super relaxed and spacy without couchlock -- was very nice at lunchtime while working from home. I just wish it tasted and smelled better, ha.

  18. Smell: Not very pungent, but has a nice aroma. Pretty mild smell overall, but smells like garden flowers and fresh herbs with hints of citrus. Smells pretty bright and fresh.

  19. Be sure to try the Notorious cured resin for sure. It's wonderfully stinky but tastes incredibly sweet; it's also super stony too. It's the best concentrate they do IMO although the triple chocolate chip I just picked up is a strong #2 contender. That one is also excellent.

  20. Rock an Omni and a Vong with dynacoil myself. Helped me kick the spliff habit after decades.I don't use the FMJ but an iSpire wand and it's the bees knees.

  21. I'm sure it get's you lit, but this stuff just looks like snot to me. Is it really that much better than flower?

  22. Nah, not better, just different. The high and duration are different compared to flower alone. I do both 50/50 depending on mood. But dabs in general just hit different (in a good way).

  23. Picked up an oz of this last week for $190, and I agree with it being a great deal with good quality buds!

  24. If that's the same dispo I'm thinking, that same $189 oz is 20% off today for $151 - even though I'm stocked up I couldn't resist at that price.

  25. I personally wish all menus would do away with the sativa/indica/hybrid crap and ensure they list the terp/cannabinoid/thc data across products since that's the info that's actually useful to us, the patient.

  26. Yup. I have a little vac stash that holds like 24 caps for the Mighty and rotate between strains depending on mood. Makes it so much easier to just grab a packed cap and blast off. Wish I could think of a better system for doing dabs the same way though, ha.

  27. I’ve purchased two oz bags, two 1/2 oz bags, and about an ounce of tenths from BR the last few months and every single one is absolute fire in every way — taste, effects, smell, bag appeal. And I get it consistently $200/oz or less

  28. I've always enjoyed the fact they're also one of the only growers that releases just about all their strains in half's and ounces too.

  29. If you're that concerned, get a jewelers loupe and a small UV blacklight for about $20. Mold glows a bright yellowish-green under blacklight and the loupe is a magnifying glass so you can accurately look over any buds.

  30. How is it? With that terpinolene and ocimene, terps say this is closer to a proper sativa.

  31. This is a fave sativa of mine. Always smells super funky AF and the buds are always extra chonky.

  32. Yeah, but not naturally dense unfortunately. I'm sure this stuff looked much nicer before being so smooshed.

  33. Ya, what are you talking about? Not being a dick, I have one and am wondering where the plastic dome is?

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