1. Been that way since 2015. Here to stay (inside).

  2. We’ll probably hear different segments and elements of those songs, or they’d be done in a different style like “sometimes I’m sad”

  3. There is nothing more intimate than your relationship with the things you put into your body.

  4. That’s what I’m hoping, week before my birthday. Would mean the world to me honestly.

  5. love. by Kid Cudi, started a new chapter and finally realized my life was moving

  6. Count Me Out by Kendrick Lamar. It just hits me hard, I started listening to the song after my ex of 4 years broke up with me, certain verse and the chorus itself hits me differently.

  7. Fr. All of his and trav collabs are so fire

  8. Cheat meals. Never a cheat day.

  9. Lmao obviously whatever he did worked for him don’t think he needs to be corrected 🤣

  10. Not correcting him just helping others. A cheat day is just too vague for some

  11. Fair enough lol I do agree with your version more too I try not to go full cheat day

  12. You know what they say lads the worth is in the girth

  13. Please Do Not Lean was the lead single no?

  14. They’re just such talented actors that they actually did this scene TWICE

  15. I see your On Melancholy Hill & raise you one Empire Ants🤌🏽

  16. This song just keeps building and building and building it’s so incredible. The “AYE AYEEEs” and the deep ass robot voice “WHOLE. LIFE.” At the end just take it to the next level 10/10 one of my favorite songs ever

  17. How do you prepare and cook the breasts in the air-fryer, I’ve been meaning to try it out.

  18. Check out some YouTube vids it’s really simple I was shocked how easy it was lol

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