1. Try the Microdermamitt. It’s not a product, just an amazing exfoliation cloth but heard it works great for kp too.

  2. Have you had any oral doxycycline or similar? Any other topicals aside from adapalene?

  3. hi friend. i’m an esthetician and one thing i can tell you about pigmenting and scarring that it will take you a long time to see results, 12 weeks consistently is around the mark you’ll see change. i recommend if you can getting regular microdermabrasions and chemical peels, they will help a lot with pigmenting and scarring. try your best to stay away from accutane and keep it as your last resort. accutane is extremely harsh. you can dm me too if you have any questions or anything

  4. Yes and I’m sure he will be able to find affordable treatments while he’s in Poland.. so much more affordable than abroad. Honestly OP find a good dermatologist and have them recommend you to a good esthetician for routine treatments. Accurate is good but intense with lots of side effects so if that’s the route you really want to take, make sure to research both the positive and the negative of it.

  5. Love that you noticed a difference in your students! I taught my daughter breath control when she was a toddler by smelling the flower and gently blowing the candle. Cosmic kids yoga has some cool mindfulness videos. Also a big fan of zenimal mindfulness turtle, gifted many of them to kids and I’ve heard good feedback from the parents.

  6. Only if you are actively douching your vaginal area! (Douching as in using water to rinse your vagina), its something you should avoid avoid avoid avoid!!! Its actually because you have Lactobacillus in your vagina that is part of your microflora and helps protect your vagina so if you are washing this away, then this puts you at risk. Your vagina also is naturally acidic as protection the pH is naturally lower.. The bacterial count decreases with age so this is something I can comment on. If you are doing this then yes, there is risk, even in the shower. Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (the ingredient that makes things bubbly) is antibacterial - but this is a common ingredient found in almost all bath products, has nothing to do with LUSH specifically.

  7. Thanks for your input! Microbiology was one of my fave subjects .. what a cool job you have!

  8. And I’m sure the extended basking in the hot tub is a perfect growth medium.. I could sit there for hours.. no bueno

  9. If we found out they got married yesterday… I wouldn’t even be surprised.

  10. Asking cuz it looks like an engagement ring on her finger.. maybe the pic is reversed

  11. Kids brains are like sponges, I agree, it would be best to introduce a foreign language at a young age, rather than late in high school. But, as others said, there’s not much opportunity to practice that learned language in America (other than some Spanish speaking areas). Immersion is certainly best in learning languages, but if we’re not immersed, we lose it. I’m an example, I learned 5 languages but because I didn’t get to practice, I lost the fluency of some. I do find value in speaking multiple languages, other than obviously being useful when traveling, the advantages are that it looks great in resumes, I have an easier time breaking down and understanding root words due to speaking the Latin languages (helpful in medicine), helpful in meeting people of different cultural backgrounds (America is a melting pot), and it stimulates the brain (learning a new language helps prevent dementia).

  12. Maybe take a break from meds so you can restart later? I just wanna say I understand. I saw an ADHD tip that said to lighten the room when you're feeling stuck, and obviously this won't solve all your problems but it might help. It does seem to help me.

  13. Going outside even for a 10 min walk makes the mood better. Doing it first thing in the morning is ideal due to research of getting that morning light to hit the eyes for a few minutes sets the mind to know it’s daytime awake time. Dr Huberman talks a lot about this on his podcast. And eliminating blue light at night, can even set the phone to red tint YouTube it. Not saying this is cure but it’s a start. Lots of people said sleep, light, movement, feeding hydrating yourself, cleaning up your environment, meditation. I think that is a solid list of things that may help, but it’s a matter of doing it. I noticed you said you don’t have others. Even if you have others and the support, can still feel the same. I’m the same, but I have the support. I get work shit done, or do things for others. But when it comes to doing things for myself it’s like a block. Honestly I think need to be real with doc about what’s going on and therapy may be the way to go, but it’s a matter of getting in the hands of the right therapist. Little steps and hopefully will see the light soon. Hugs.

  14. So if I want to go on a walk with my dog and I run into a dog that wants to attack and owners can’t control the dog.. is there any kind of protection I can carry like mace pepper spray that may help to break up the attack?

  15. My neighbor just got an American pitbull terrier. I think pitbulls are the cutest dogs but this one is all muscle solid dog that will take one look at you and you freeze in terror. I’m afraid to walk my kid and dog in the neighborhood now, just in case the guy can’t handle his dog. The guy is medium frame, one pull by the dog and would take the guy down. Our nextdoor neighbor was attacked last year by a random pitbull roaming the streets.. she required surgery. Poor thing is too afraid to walk the streets now with the other neighbor’s new dog.. she now gets her steps in pacing back and forth in her back yard. Idk if it’s just me but as beautiful as these dogs are, I don’t think that kind of dog should be walked in a neighborhood where lots of kids playing and distractions by other dogs. The neighbors have a huge backyard at least 1 acre…

  16. Corn silk tea, I’ve seen it do great things for kidney function

  17. I’m a 32G and have very heavy, fibrous breasts (woo). They’re a mild nuisance but mostly because they’re too big to fit into regular sizes and they’re heavy so I do sometimes have upper back issues. I do regular yoga and tend to that area though so I’m doing alright in that area. I know multiple people who have had this surgery done and privately they’ve expressed to me that it’s mostly a body image situation. There is some pain, but they’re mostly excited to look slimmer. I sincerely believe that the fact that boobs aren’t particularly en vogue at the moment is contributing (even subconsciously) to the prevalence of this surgery right now. Though I also doubt people will regret it! Less pain, actually being able to fit into regular sized bras, no worries about working out, and being able to very easily wear a lot of clothing are long lasting and very substantial benefits. I still wouldn’t personally do it because the risks of surgery don’t outweigh a minor nuisance that I’ve honestly never lived without.

  18. May I ask what bra do you like for yoga? I find many are either too restricting or fit the cup but too wide.

  19. Unrelated but one of the YouTubers I watch just did a professional bra fitting video and now I really want to get sized. I have been guesstimating since getting sized at VS in middle school and know I’m 100% off but it feels so intimidating / I’m lazy 😅

  20. It’s so worth it to find the right fit! I remember back in the day I was at Nordstrom shopping for bras and the lady kept insisting she measure me, I declined twice then finally gave in.. I was shopping for 36D when I actually measured in 32G! I was shocked and started crying once she showed me cuz that size bras were all grandma looking bras with thick straps.. but my back felt better and over the years the bigger bust bras got cuter and cuter so there is hope for good support and cuteness

  21. Oh bummer the list doesn’t work. I would love to take a look at that info. How did you come about your extensive list of allergens? Was it by process of elimination or was it a test that was ran?

  22. The P wave, probably. Animals pick up on it. If you're in a quake zone and your cat / dog suddenly bolts, you'd best do it too.

  23. I was speaking to the captain of a boat when in Thailand and he was saying he was on the boat during the big tsunami and how he knew something was wrong was by the birds and sea life acting crazy. His stories of the aftermath were horrific.

  24. He was safe as he was far out in the water he didn’t know there was a tsunami other than the animals acting different, as he went more towards the shore he started seeing the damage being washed out, what he described seeing in that water is horrific.

  25. Omg same!! Yours was 3 months too? Mine lasted 3 months and seemed to stop abruptly just last week. I mean, not stop completely, but go back to normal hair loss

  26. Here’s an article of the miracle babies from the 8.1 1985 Mexico City earthquake, 25 years later

  27. You can also mail things to Turkish consulates and embassy in the US:

  28. Sounds like she likes rice, perhaps can cook it in bone broth/ add butter, and that way can add protein and calories without her noticing. As for encouraging liquids, perhaps she will accept popsicles or jello, watermelon for hydration. Certainly challenging, would ask your doctor for a dietician/specialist referral to ensure your daughter is getting her nutrients required for growth, and perhaps they can provide some ideas for the daycare to encourage your child and offer food/hydration multiple times throughout the day.

  29. Poipu beach is great for beginners, saw thousands of fish, Anini beach was ok, not a lot when we went. Don’t forget water shoes

  30. VERY DANGEROUS due to high waves and strong riptides.

  31. I did see bees but not sure if Yellowjacket wasps. I bought honey from a beekeeper Lee’s bees, here’s the phone number on the bottle 808-651-2239 I’m sure he can tell you more if you call

  32. Just returned. Honestly prior to leaving we were looking at the Kauai forecast it said chance of rain every day but it ended up either not raining or if it was raining, we just went to the other side of the island and it was fine. Out of 2 weeks there we got 2 flood alerts on the phone, alerting to avoid the north shore as the small wood bridge can flood and might get stuck on that part of the island until it’s cleared. Only one day of our trip ended up raining all day long on every part of the island. Just bring a light rain jacket, water shoes for snorkeling/ hiking shoes for the mud if hiking, and you’ll enjoy the trip regardless of weather. Poipu beach was our go to for snorkeling with kids. The weather app ended up not being correct most of the time.

  33. Take musubi to the beach/hikes.. cheap and filling

  34. My suspicion is that it was related to values, religion, or politics. I remember once that Ashley said her and JP never fly on the same flight in case their flight crashes, their kids will always have at least one parent. I get the thought behind that but it seemed so intense that I wondered if there were other strong opinions that maybe one had that the other didn’t agree with

  35. I have some friends that do this too.. for the same reason.. different flights or drive separate cars for long distance trips. This decision came after their family had a deadly car accident on a long family road trip 20 years ago

  36. No, don’t do it. Not pointless, but just draws unnecessary attention. It’s cute when my friends would say that they would shave their head, but no, I would have felt bad if they did it for me when there are other ways to show solidarity. But, if someone is shaving head in solidarity for a child with cancer, I think this is a different story.

  37. Can be from the change in temperature? I would try a shower head filter. Another thing is perhaps the products you’re using, you mentioned head, neck, back.. sounds like it might be your hair products or the heat from where the water falls on you. I’ve had similar from a shampoo. Can also change your body wash to something hypoallergenic. For the itch, I like to use a rich ceramide cream. I’ve heard good things of cerave cream/ lotion that has pramoxine to help with itching, bought it from from Amazon.

  38. I also try to end showers with 10 seconds cold water, supposed to be good for immunity and to close up the pores.

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