1. Very “white trash” as the beast likes to say lol

  2. Imagine seeing your parents doing this shit and posting it online on your first Christmas? I would literally call cps

  3. Two narcissistic women who just can’t stop exploiting their kids…absolutely disgusting

  4. The kid likes water snake so much more than trash bag I can’t also TP doesn’t know shit about MB and it shows so much!

  5. Getting closer to amber, Chantal and of core Tammy so idk out gorl is a big ham baby lol

  6. Of course she over it…this is not some cosplay outfit she can take off at the end of the day this is a life long commitment that literally never ends even when MB is an adult so yeah she’s pissed off

  7. This is incredibly terrifying to me I don’t and can’t have kids but this behaviour is just so fucking sick

  8. Young grandparents but still grandparents lol I’m no world Trisha looks 34 more like 48 and water tits looks literally 55+

  9. This will be taken down too but just it’s unfair and I wanna rant and I don’t see why someone like Tonka gotta get a free pass

  10. I just wanna add I didn’t “expose” trash bag or anything I wasn’t event being shady just compared her fake photos to her video and it got taken down. Few people commented but I hated that I can’t post because it’s trash bag…wtf??

  11. Post it on instagram vs reality subreddit. And mention that the pics were taken on the same day.

  12. Y’all are killing me in the comments I’m laughing in the middle of the night reading it omg

  13. Absolute lies there is no way he has that much money considering even Ethan who knows him for 10+ years was shocked when water tits bought trash bag the ring and was stunned when they got the house

  14. I like the name (I’m a fan of weird names) but I don’t like that everything is pink and so girly. If she dressed her in more gender neutral clothes and her bedroom wasn’t Barbie themed it wasn’t gonna be so creepy and weird…just my opinion tho

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