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  1. Oh, I forgot I also made this version :

  2. Just took a look at your feed and wow! Great stuff! This is definitely my favourite on too! I don’t follow anyone here on Reddit but you are now my first! Cheers!

  3. Here's a very quick example of how you could use soft selection and noise :

  4. This was made in 3ds Max, using PhoenixFD for the cloud and tyFlow for the snow. The screaming was recorded at my studio, in a storage cupboard.

  5. As someone who used Max for 7 years, and now swapped to C4D due to work for about 1 year now, i can confidently say that all of the different programs have pros and cons and i've never used any software ever that works like i want it to.

  6. I couldn't agree more. I've used Max since 1999 so I'm used to all of it's quirks and issues but I've also used other applications that have features that are leagues ahead of Max's own, yet they also lack certain (often simple) things that make working so much faster for me.

  7. I've been using Max since 2.5 (I am old) and I always have to rebind a bunch of shortcuts before I can use it. Some are throwbacks to older shortcuts that are hardwired into my brain (spacebar will always be lock selection to me) and some are just custom shortcuts that are now muscle memory. If I have to use someone else's installation I'm about 50% slower.

  8. You are a very funny person.

  9. That’s extremely kind of you to say, thank you!

  10. Those hands though. Shocking. And what the heck are those weird bits that are just, like, protruding everywhere from the hand? I've never seen anything like that!

  11. I work with 3D and photography, often retouching one into the other. Around 12 years ago I completely lost my mind and added dust motes, finger prints, tiny hairs, lens aberration and ISO noise to a render of super slick product visual. I’d retouched so many photos with those artefacts in that I convinced myself adding them and then painstakingly taking them out would make the image ‘better’. Thankfully, the client asked for a whole bunch of different angles and I instantly I came to my senses.

  12. That is the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me!

  13. At home! If your want to know the software then it’s all 3ds max with V-Ray.

  14. Some silly looping egg animations I made a couple of years back

  15. I love watching people use tools for the first time, shit kills me.

  16. What Makita model is that little cordless saw? Please tell me it's the 12v model and it's awesome - because I ordered one a few days ago and it arrives Friday.

  17. It is the CXT 12V saw! It's a great little saw and worked perfectly for this.

  18. Yep, I get this feeling entirely. I'm an illustrator/animator by trade, specialising in 3D CGI work and in 20+ years of doing this as my full time job I've never known anything as depressing as the push toward crypto and NFTs.

  19. Can you check your order time using the reserve timer? It seems people ordered at certain times but their order wasn't processed til a little later. I'm curious to see if your order was processed at 6:01 or if it took a little more time.

  20. I'm in the UK and my rtreservetime for the 512GB unit was 1626454990 (10:03:10 PST) and I just had my confirmation email

  21. If it's any consolation, I'm in the *exact* same boat. I'm in the UK and my rtreservetime for the 512GB unit is 1626454990, which is Friday July 16, 2021 10:03:10 (am) PST and I'm still waiting on an email.

  22. amazing! how long did it take you to render these shot?

  23. It varied from shot to shot. I rendered across a network of 4 slightly different spec PC's but I managed to get each frame of the exterior down to an average of around 6 mins per frame. The clouds forming at the end did take the longest though, with some frames hitting 30 mins as the smoke sim got really dense. I just left it going over the weekend.

  24. Thanks! Unfortunately, my day job (I'm predominantly an illustrator) keeps me pretty busy, so I'd have to say no to being available to hire at the moment. That said, if things change I will let you know!

  25. I had to illustrate a bowl of rice character for an editorial piece, so I decided to use Pflow/mP to handle the hardest part.

  26. theirs is much more digestible than yours. words??? fuck off..i want a picture of a frog that'll make me LOL

  27. This is just a word for word copy for this tweet

  28. Thanks! They actually added the word 'RAM'

  29. Great job! Can I ask how you did the reaction diffusion effect on the skull near the beginning? Was it all generated inside 3ds max?

  30. I grew up in Bournemouth/Poole and moved to Norwich 8 years ago, mainly because of a work opportunity but the largest driving factor was that we would be able to sell my 2 bed flat in Poole and buy a 3 bed house in Norwich.

  31. Does the scan have the paint on it too? What's the skull from, and why is there a golden replica skull at your work? If you don't wish to divulge any of this information that's OK, I'd be secretive too about my affairs if I did things with skulls.

  32. Have a look at some of my other replies in the thread for shots of the skull. The gold 'paint' is another shader masked with a texture map :)

  33. Nice :D thanks for sharing! Great stuff. What render engine btw, if I may ask?

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