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  1. If you worship or even believe in Satan, doesn’t that make you NOT an atheist?

  2. Not even in the realm of possibility

  3. Came here to say the same thing. Guy is predictable as hell

  4. Hmm I think my first was a GameBoy Color - I had the clear/purple one. Pokémon was my life as a child - I collected the cards to no end but never knew how to play the card game since I was like 5. My mom gave them away to a neighbors kid when I was in high school and who knows if any of those cards are rare, would love to sift through them again.

  5. My favorite animal is any primate - so much like us but much more innocent!

  6. I’m going to need a new retro case - this design is sick!

  7. Classic, I’ve seen 5 of these articles on my front page in the past couple of days just as the Keystone Pipeline poisons the ecosystem and our drinking water - how long until it goes back to the status quo?

  8. That’s some doublespeak if I’ve ever seen it

  9. Where's all the fucking comments on this? It's a great step forward and nobody is acknowledging it. ALL we've read on this sub over and over for months and months, to the point of it being migraine inducing, is 'wake me up when something happens' or 'Trump is a free man and always will be' or some such variation of 'I want the big fish to fry and I want it immediately.'

  10. I think at their core these people enjoy being justice-cucked. This is a big step towards actual justice.

  11. No, it’s just that damn barking spider infestation we’ve got!

  12. Nazis held a rally at Madison Square Garden, and they had a community that lived out on Long Island, NY.

  13. Jesus Christ that’s an entire app in one class

  14. “…When will you invade the other Presidents' homes in search of documents, which are voluminous, which they took with them, but not nearly so openly and transparently as I did?" Trump wrote.

  15. yes because its a real thing that people can get addicted to and youre in a psychology of addiction class

  16. I don’t get why this person is being downvoted? It’s a valid addiction and you’re in a psychology class. Grow up and learn the material…

  17. Step 1: Shoot and kill someone Step 2: Run for Congress?

  18. If anti-gerrymandering measures give GOP more of an edge, so be it. Districts should be drawn in a way that minimizes bias, regardless of who it helps.

  19. I just voted on UES, didn’t see a soul under 65 (though to be fair, it’s 1pm on a Tuesday)

  20. Yeah didn’t realize this was in the LI subreddit, moved off the island about 3 years ago

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