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  1. That doesn’t seem as one sided as everyone here saying it would be, more like two squads of storm troopers missing each other

  2. Yeah. They just held their positions and then the police saved them.

  3. Will the super bowl avatars feature all football teams or just the ones that made it to the super bowl?

  4. This looks like the Bills so it’ll probably be all 32 teams.

  5. I have never gotten as much male attention as when I was on crutches

  6. Never go cheap on the things that separate you from the ground: shoes, mattress, tires.

  7. Cheap tires are fine. It’s old tires that are dangerous. Check the dates.

  8. Must be all NFL teams -- these color look like the Buffalo Bills and not Eagles/Chiefs

  9. Yeah it would be pretty stupid to not do all 32 teams. I’m sure there will be a universal NFL one too.

  10. Erm, nude photos and videos of kids is illegal, it's considered child porn. I think the only time such media isn't considered child porn would be in a purely medical context

  11. Michael being dead doesn’t change the fact that he was a pedophile. And you’d let your kids hang out with him. Gross.

  12. Kind of weird of you to defend a pedophile so adamantly. But okay.

  13. So Hulu has green lit King of the Hill reboot and a Futurama reboot.

  14. Woman, wearing skimpy workout clothes, filming herself moving (for some reason), gets hit in the head and no one comes to help? Methinks this was staged.

  15. Come on now. Getting hit in the head was the only part not staged.

  16. If you absolutely have to do this dumb shit don't pour it like that, put a VERY small amount in a plastic cup and place it in the fire

  17. The fire is already burning pretty good though. Why would this ever be necessary?

  18. Can I get a source on the extinguishers for batteries? (Honest question)

  19. I think they use a tank of water. They pick up the burning EV with a crane and drop it into the tank.

  20. Thats an honest question aint it? The thing is, its not news when a combustion car bursts into flames, not unless it leads to a class action lawsuit for some defect. Its more jumping on the anti-Telsa bandwagon just like a couple weeks ago in Asia (Can't remember the country) where a driver mishandled the car and didn't realize he wasn't pressing the brake and killed people.

  21. Maybe if I get more intoxicated we will put more points up. Teamwork baby.

  22. So what do you think they'll do first? Aliens or time travel? Don't tell me you can't see it... they already did nuclear subs, space travel, and genetically enhanced super soldiers. Where else can they go but up?

  23. These are pretty good and you’re right this is the logical progression if the movies didn’t take themselves so seriously.

  24. no obviously not. but i would rather go out on a shield than just getting my ass beat and die anyways. To each their own!

  25. Want to back that up with a quick Google check?

  26. I did. It’s not illegal to destroy your own stuff but if you destroy your stuff in anger during an argument then you could be charged with domestic violence because the violent behavior can be deemed a threat. Plenty of people have been arrested for it but charges don’t always stick.

  27. Yeah if you have a good lawyer it probably won’t hold up but physical evidence of your violent tendencies shown in court is never a good look. Also that kind of violence can 100% be used against you in a restraining order.

  28. Yeah first thing I did was check the weather forecast. 52 and cloudy. I think the 49ers will be okay.

  29. Yeah that’s the same temperature during the Cowboys game in Santa Clara. Lol

  30. They say that during the season and playoffs. In the off-season they talk about Allen and Herbert more than Burrow. For fucks sake Allen was ranked by most as the ‘Best’ QB because he almost beat the Chiefs.

  31. In the Dolphins game, Tony Romo kept calling the Bills “the champions” when they haven’t even won anything yet.

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