1. If you feel like you’re being dishonest, don’t pursue it further but also don’t be afraid to try new things. you can experiment with it at first but if you find out that it is a scam or it doesn’t give you genuine results, don’t keep doing it. allow your love for your music to push you forward in the right direction.

  2. Head being pushed to the bed, hair being pulled, massaging my clit, being slapped, dirty talk, etc

  3. Thanks for your reply.. I guess u enjoy it rough... Just a doubt.. How will he slap when he is pounding in doggy style.. Or u mean slap on the butt's??

  4. Where is this scene from? How do I watch it

  5. no of course not. My dad said that too, and I hope you can safely get out of the situation and rely on people you can trust. 💙 I hope things get better

  6. I know it's hard to stand up to an aggressive boss- but sometimes you have to remind them you're an adult and need to be treated like one. Someone coming from narcissistic parents may be willing to put up with more abuse than the average person- but really consider your options when quitting without a job, and the position that will put your relationship with your boyfriend in.

  7. I do have a job, a contract position that I will have more time to dedicate myself to if I do quit the boba tea position. I will earn about 500 to 700 a week if I can dedicate most of my time for the projects that have been given to me. If I keep this job, I will not only be wasting my mental and physical stress but I will also be at risk of getting kicked off of the project. Meanwhile I am searching for more full time options and I have faith that I will hear back.

  8. Hi girl!!! Shitty situation definitely. First of all, I’m so sorry you’re having to deal w this. But my advice to you is stick it out until you have a connection with another job. A job WILL come to you soon. Keep filling out applications and as soon as you get a interview or even a phone call back, get out of the boba tea place. I know it’s gotta be hurtful, but in the end, you gotta keep a steady income in order to move somewhere else. Keep your eyes and heart focused on the future! -19f who also is stuck in a shitty job rn

  9. Aww thank you for this! The thing is I'm not entirely jobless if I do quit this job. I have the contract position where if I dedicate more time on it, ill be making more money that will last me when I do decide to move out after the three month period. I'm kinda slacking with the contract job so therefore I'm not making as much because of the fact I'm mentally strained from this boba position. So maybe I should just quit?

  10. Wear what you want, and tell your guests the same. There’s no “suggested” or “proper” attire as long as it’s reasonable to be worn in public. Who cares. YOU accomplished something. People are there to celebrate YOU. Who cares what others outside of that think.

  11. Do we have to wear our hoods and stuff? Kinda confused on how to put that on lol

  12. Again, highly recommended to wear something nice.

  13. Facts only two exams are left and I ran out of motivation

  14. I have the same problem with my father. I have to leave my house because I no longer feel safe coming home from college.

  15. How have you been holding up? I hope you’re okay as well ❤️

  16. I've been good! I can always stay at my Fiancée house on a couch or a friend's place. I hope you have been doing well!

  17. Aww that’s great :) I kinda wish I can just run away and stay at my SO’s place but they’ll prob call the cops on me even tho they technically can’t do anything

  18. Just don’t ask them. No point talking to them if they’re just gonna get more angry regardless.

  19. Not great for graduate school. I couldn't find anything from a quick web search about maintain grades, but I would guess that F's would not work in your favor. See if you can improve your grades by any means possible. Any D's or C's would work.

  20. Even if the classes has no relation to the program I got into?

  21. I’m not gonna quit my classes I just don’t wanna get a d in all of them

  22. Outstandingly thought out! How do you make this? Photoshop?

  23. Hi I’m in SPS. And SPS is far from a joke! Like mentioned before this is NYU, all academics are treated pretty seriously. I personally never heard anyone call SPS a joke school in my time here ever. I feel like because we are smaller someone might be like oh small=joke which is wrong. I love SPS structure and the smallness of it personally, you get to know your professors and peers well which is a huge perk imo. Also have you seen SPS snazzy school building 💪? Our doors actually open nicely (looking at you CAS Silver Building). Overall, we all joke about our schools in good jest 💜!Feel free to message me if you have any SPS questions!

  24. Thank you for this!! This made me feel so much better about getting in! All I’ve ever heard from NYU is the three top schools: stern, tisch, and steinhardt. Nyu has been my dream school for as long as I can remember, and it still feels like a dream.

  25. Hi I applied to NYU sps but different program and wanted to know how long it took for you to hear back from them

  26. Hmm well I applied to it by the January 15th deadline and I heard from today! So like a bit over a month?

  27. You made the biggest mistake of your life. You can’t get her back no matter how much you try. I get that u wanted that freedom, but think before you act. You could have gotten that freedom before you met her. You were with her, and nothing is excusable that you left the relationship along with her, the most supportive partner you could have had....

  28. The new cgi tho 😬 I like the old look but since Levi is still Levi, I’ll always love him

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