1. Clara Fay, my little girl is gonna have the middle name Fay after my grandmother Fayetta

  2. There isn’t a dude out there to meet all your needs. It’s a fantasy.

  3. It is all a lie. And here's why. It's highly unlikely that anybody will find any one person who checks all the boxes constantly. My wife is far from perfect but I have never felt like I settled, even when mildly infuriated by her. The difference is that she's always willing to hear me and is constantly trying to be a better person overall.

  4. I get that there will always be something he does that annoys me and most days I'm able to overlook the little quirks and go on about my business. And some days he's very loving and considerate. I know I do things that annoy him and I've worked on modifying that behavior to compensate for him. I was getting therapy for myself last year after going through PPD, and that's why I suggested couples counseling for the both of us. Ultimately I had to stop seeing my therapist because he quit his job and I wasn't working at the time and I couldn't afford to see her. I've considered therapy for myself but juggling my schedule to also fit within reasonable working hours for a therapist is tricky and have been unsuccessful in my attempts to find someone

  5. I think it's fantastic she is comfortable enough to come to her parents about such an intimate and most times taboo topic. A gyno appointment will be needed before starting any birth control and they will be able to go over the best options and risks. It would be worth digging a little deeper to make sure there's no other issues. Does she have a boyfriend that's pressuring her or a friend group that's sexualy actively and putting on peer pressure?

  6. This feels a lot worse than mildly infuriating, hope they learned their lesson and nobody got hurt

  7. I could not beat that troll so I just snuck around it. Leveled up sneak so fast

  8. The Winterhold College for Mages that can't do spells good and want to learn to do other magic good too

  9. It is this for this reason I refuse marriage or adoption. Maybe one day when I retire from slaying dragons and exploring ruins I can settle down

  10. I'll have to look into this, thanks for the tip!

  11. NTA, your mother needs to get a grip. It may have been her first freak out, but that leaves the possibility for more. What happens if she pulls something like that at a more sensitive time, like at the wedding? I wonder if she is actually that miffed over the age difference or if there's something else going on? My fiance (M33) and I (F24) met when I was 20. Neither of my parents have ever mentioned anything negative about our age gap. We have joked around that my fiance and mother have a smaller age gap than him and I do, but nothing malicious has ever stemmed from our ages

  12. If I were in your shoes I would leave go no contact, definitely get a full sexual health work up immediately just in case he might have given you something. Definitely try to get some proof of this notebooks existence. If you're you're sleuthing type or really need some closure, you could try tracking down a few of the women. That many partners, I would assume some would have to be in the area even if you don't immediately recognize any of them. Let them know what you found, find out if there was nefarious activity or if it was all consensual. If any bit of it was not consensual take it to the proper authorities. Chances are if even one of these was not consensual, there will be others. Or this behavior may escalate to something more severe.

  13. I have given up finding the name of this movie and it was very promptly thrown out by my mom after she watched the dragon queen scene. Thank you in advance, wonderful people of the internet!

  14. Baby girl, he is a predator. I was in the same position as you. I was 15 and a 23 yr old took interest in me. I thought I was just mature for my age and it was a bit of an ego boost to be talking to an older guy. He would show up to the basketball games I cheered at and was insanely jealous to see me talking to guys my own age. He coerced me into sending nudes and when it was found out he was incarcerated. When he got out he started stalking me and I had to get a restraining order against him. He's a registered sex offender and has continued to date younger girls ever since. He recently got a 14 year old pregnant, he's currently 31. TELL ON HIM. This behavior will not change.

  15. At Easter a few years back my great grandmother rubbed my stomach and asked if I was pregnant or just getting fat. I was 19. Grandmas are the BeSt

  16. Even if she is working 12 hour shifts no parent should expect and require their older children to take care of their younger children. If need be, get a sitter.

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