1. people think they know it all...hahah, down voting the correct answer

  2. Vreten en genieten, en niet denken aan de rekeningen...heerlijk...veel plezier allemaal.

  3. Loads of used ones come with a kit lens. There is no way it adds $70-100. Besides, the lens itself isn't worth even remotely close to that.

  4. true that lens doesnt ad value, but its a good lens for beginners. I hope you can sell it for 450

  5. remove it, and install that usb port again, or check in device manager.

  6. Wow. Our version of that stuff in the US is like $3.29 - less than 3 pounds. Then again I pay 5 dollars for a can of Heinz Potato Leek soup from the UK.

  7. Do these jumping spiders have eyes that segment into little hexagons like lots of other bugs? All the pics I’ve seen, they look smooth as glass

  8. Coffeeshops used to be the place to be to play boardgames, and i dont mean the "normal" coffeeshops. I guess there are some chess cafe's but not many....have fun.

  9. get the settings right and you will enjoy, the gamma is most important!

  10. Yea if that’s alright thanks

  11. change it in weather options...let us know it it all works and have fun.

  12. Yes. It helps relax you which will in turn help your muscles relax. It also reduces my anxiety about my pain which helps me relax. This is not a long term solution though as someone said you could get addicted. But I've voiced my concern with my doctor and she said they limit use to 10 days or less because constant use for longer then that can be harmful (addiction). If you find it helps after I few day I would recommend going back for muscle relaxers (they can be taken for longer) and a different med for anxiety if that's something you deal with.

  13. getting started using valium feels like dream, stopping this and itll get you to hell...been there done that....please meditate or take OTC painkillers.

  14. Naw I'm gonna take the medicine I'm prescribed for the reason and duration I'm prescribed. I'm just going to enter into the medicine knowing the risks involved and how to mediate them. You may have had issues but there's no reason to scare someone from taking medicine that will give them relief.

  15. you dont know it well relief you yet, but i do know you will try anything, so good luck. Didnt want to scare you in no way at all.

  16. pack it yourself, put the label and adress, and go to post office or Primera, or Albert Heijn...and it will be ok.

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