[self] ashe and bob cosplay

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  1. it looks like CGI it’s seriously impressive. is the cosplay heavy at all?? Ashe is incredible too

  2. Yeah it's super heavy :( he can only wear it for max 1 hour. Because he wears it all on his back and everything is attached to a military backpack frame. I myself can't lift it :')

  3. I would love to do a couples cosplay with my lady but I will have to force her to do it hahahaha!!!!

  4. That is the goal for the future. I will choose to do in her country or my country.

  5. Wow you guys did an amazing job! Did you craft it all yourselves?

  6. Love the cosplay 😍 ❤️ Don't mind me asking but what are you guys cosplaying?

  7. This is the best couple cosplay I’ve ever seen. You two did an amazing job! Bravo!

  8. Hahahhaa yes wayne is fine :p it was really heavy and hot so we had to take it off after 1 hour but worth it ! You can check the suitup video on our tiktok. It's linked in my first comment :)

  9. This is the best Ashe and Bob cosplay i have ever seen.

  10. Apologies for the not knowing but what was the concept or source?

  11. Hey, it's a cosplay from overwatch, the lady her ultimate is throwing a big robot that shoots

  12. Awesome cosplay. Brilliant image loving it all

  13. Ty! Jeroen did an amazing job making this picture 🥰

  14. This Cosplay is actually insane ! <3 what a great work !

  15. Thank youuu! It took forever but we learned a lot! Once every 2 years we try to build a big suit. I have to pick one for this year hahaha. Sadly we both work fulltime so it takes forever to finnish one, but worth it :D

  16. I just hope its cute cuz a basic T with a basic print like the artwork they posted is like 4 euro on AliExpress :p. Hope they show up with some bomb designs

  17. photoshopped I'm pretty sure the figurine is only available through the riot merch store.

  18. Ty so much 🥰 i tried to keep it as natural al possible

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