1. The day we draft another Ohio St OL should be the day Hell freezes over

  2. Tbf Josh Meyers did pretty well in Green Bay this year.

  3. I liked when he was getting kicked from discord but kept joining back only to get like 2 words in before being kicked again.

  4. Ah, just what the show needed. Foreign affairs with Tone Diggs.

  5. I like Mitt, but he sounds like what I would probably sound like if you sat me there for the show.

  6. I have clicked on 2 tweets from this guy Kleiman and both were thundering BS. I won't click on another one. I blocked him. Last I checked Tee has another year on his contract. I highly doubt he's suddenly gotten so disgruntled (when he's been a straight-up ace team player) and thinks he's got a better SB shot *next year* on another team that he'd forgo the last year of his rookie contract on a team that has had him in the AFC championship game the last 2 years. Oh and the SuperBowl once where he caught 2 TDs.

  7. Kleiman sucks. He just steals what other people have said and reports it as his own.

  8. I just refuse to blame the refs for losing the game. We lost the game. The offense HAD 0 YARDS IN THE FIRST Q. Is that ol Ron’s fault? No it’s our offense’s fault.

  9. I run the shipping department at a warehouse, PMS and audiobooks are literally my lifeline. Without them both I’d probably go insane.

  10. Damn really sucks making six figures a month sitting in your Hollywood mansion and larping as a socialist

  11. “Socialism is when no house”

  12. I disagree. The show feels too structured sometimes with Pat. I thoroughly enjoy the more raw vibe of the AJ shows.

  13. Arian comes off like a privileged, spoiled brat who would blame his sub-par career on the league being “scripted”.

  14. Arian was a fuckin dawg for a while in Houston. Let’s not do revisionist history on him.

  15. I live in Philly now, and have been to multiple Cowboys vs Eagles games at the Linc.

  16. This is the worst take I’ve seen today, and I read the replies on Damar Hamlin’s newest Twitter video.

  17. I love how this subreddits collective opinion is “was coming back worth it?” And “got divorced just to have a lackluster season”

  18. I don’t follow CFB enough to know if any of these mock drafts are good, but I just always assume they’re terrible.

  19. Yeah, the show and Ethan usually make me laugh a lot. Is it that hard to understand this was inappropriate? Ethan even said it was.... Like what dude.

  20. I just wonder what corners of the internet some of you were in from like 2010-2016. This is like a 3/10 in terms of dark/edgy humor.

  21. It’ll be like when they burnt Atlanta down a few weeks ago, but it was literally just one car that one person set on fire.

  22. He actually isn’t very empathetic if you watch his content.

  23. This should be common sense. But it does need to be stated.

  24. The smelliest people I’ve ever been around were at a wrestling event, and also a local esports competition I played in. Not sure if there’s a correlation there, but good god if I don’t shower once a day I feel disgusting. Not sure how others can get so... ripe.

  25. My first show was a NJPW STRONG show at the old ECW arena in Philly, biggest problem I faced was the other people at the event. The people next to my gf and I were very smelly, and sat as close as they could to us. After the first hour we just got up and stood in the back and watched from there.

  26. I cracked up when Pat was complaining about how bad Twitter’s For You and Explore pages are, then goes “it’s obviously not Elon’s fault, it’s the people around him”

  27. My favorite was how he turned his head so the cameras caught the label on the bottle while he drank it. Just perfect shilling, you have to respect it lol

  28. We can’t even have 24 hours to lick our wounds before they stick the knife in deeper, smh.

  29. Do not harass Ossai. We’re all pissed, but he’s human. We fuck up sometimes.

  30. Wasn't he the only one making tackles in the last few plays before. Played his ass off.

  31. That’s what I’m saying, the booth just highlighted him the play before. It sucks, but I can’t hate the guy for it. Chris Jones pretty much won them the game, had we blocked him just a few times maybe it’s a better outcome.

  32. Yeah, this one hurts. Honestly hurts more than the super bowl last year.

  33. I’m not trying to be biased but these calls seem super one sided tonight.

  34. Lol no. He’s insufferable and the boys wouldn’t mesh well with him. It’d be a formal interview, nothing fun

  35. Do you even watch RedZone? Hard to believe it would be a formal interview knowing Scott and how he is lmao

  36. I think it’s pretty clear Paul was just trying to keep DePape from beating him over the head with the hammer. I don’t consider him smiling at the cop to be an indication of a gay sex romp gone wrong. You can also just tell DePape is the kinda guy to break into a politicians husbands house and try and hammer them to death.

  37. pouring the drink for himself as well as not leaving the house at any point before or after the police arrived is definitely illogical. While its not evidence of anything, and people regularly act illogically in these types of situations, its also not shocking that people would come away from this thinking that there might be something more to the story.

  38. If we are to believe the polices story, DePape said he was going to wait for Nancy to get home. It’s quite possible Paul tried to disarm the situation as best as an elderly man can, maybe by offering him a drink.

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