1. Bought the ipad app and mac os app. i dont have a apple laptop as of now im still waiting for m2 pro macbooks if its worth it.

  2. Mararamdaman mo naman if you are healthy, hindi ka nahihilo/inaantok, you feel good everyday, no anxiety and depression.

  3. Hi, yes no anxiety and depression. No medical issues and i feel good everyday lalo na pag after exercise tapos papasok sa work. wala naman din nararamdaman. I am overweight by 1 point (BMI 25, normal is 24) as per online bmi calculator. Salamat po sa info

  4. UPDATE Added: Local support told me of new app coming by the end of October called "My Dyson" app. currently they are migrating and this will finish by the end of october. can someone confirm?

  5. Sounds like my issue. It’s November now though.

  6. Still won't connect. Emailed them again and told me they already coordinated on their counterpart abroad (November 04 2022). It's been a more than a week now. i think it has more to do with the machine that won't connect rather than their app. Their support is useless. i ask them before if they can replace my unit or have someone visit me to check the unit but got ignored. instead told me to just wait for the app which up to now won't seem to work.

  7. i recently got approved sa UB Visa Classic. Ask ko din if pwede car insurance. Bibili ako via autodeal dot com dot ph .salamat po.

  8. i always saved a few hundred pesos when using local currency of where you are buying. Madalas din ako sa and i always use USD upon checkout.

  9. Nakita ko to sa fb, sinabi nya Squall LeonHeart from FF7 which is not true, the character is from FF8… sana niresearch nya muna ung character na cosplay nya. Almost all gamers knows the name cloud and squall.

  10. Save ka muna bro, mabilis lang maubos yan in case of emergency. Try putting half on maya savings or gcash cimb, puro digital na din naman naun pwede mo pull out or pangbayad incase needed. i had mine on Maya Gsave and Tonik.

  11. Unfortunately I think you are a little too late. They offered a lifetime 40% discount to all legacy ”Plus” users for over two years after the app went subscription, which IMO was very generous. Most legacy members (I assume) already migrated. The upgrade discount to subscription ended back in 2019, I think.

  12. i did not know about it, im using android back then when my iphone died on me. i just got back 1 year ago. oh well. Thanks for the info. or if ever they offer me an offer (tagging devs) inbox me. it will be our little secret hehehe. cant switch to other journaling app coz nothing beats dayone as of the present. thanks for the reply sir. Godbless.

  13. Ah bummer. Sounds like they are still hard at work on a big Android update, hope you get lucky and they offer a similar upgrade discount once some of the upgrades are released.

  14. they should have permanently activate discounts on accounts tagged with legacy users, anyway im still happy with it but ofcourse will be happier if offered a discount (hands waving at devs) hehe... , im using journey during that android days so i havent read news about dayone that time. thanks for the reply.

  15. Second dot if i recall is connecting to your homes wifi. One thing to try is reseting your blue tooth and removing any old saves of the wifi password so everything has to be inputted manually.

  16. Bought it locally and it works on our country.

  17. Have you cleared your home wifi saved data so that has to be manually input?

  18. Do you mean forgot wifi on my iphone so that i can connect again to wifi. Yes i did it already. But on my router i havent tried it yet, i cant seem to delete my dyson connection there its already recorded. i dont wanna reset my router because of some other devices connected to it like wireless cctv, homepods.

  19. Kahit side line work lang ako ,Gusto ko matutunan to, i want to pay my tax also. Hindi kasi to tinuturo sa school and wala talaga ako alam. May tutorial ba dito on how? Mga scenarios in real life sana.

  20. We are unable to issue based on regular application guidelines. You may AVAIL OF AN RCBC BANKARD through our INSTACARD PROGRAM. For details call 8888-1888

  21. thanks for the update! parang malaking factor kapag may referral from BM based on what i hear though still a case to case basis sana mabigyan sya in due time :)

  22. sigurado mabibigyan sya for the hexagon club pag tumagal pa. pero di naman na nagmamadali. dun nalang sya mag build ng credit if may hexa card na sya. Uu malaki factor nga din if kay BM apply. Dun ako first apply credit card ko and approve lagi pag dumaan kay BM hehe

  23. may free course ba tayo sa proper way pagbayad ng tax? want ko sana din matuto, ung income then expense tapos ung mga form etc... salamat

  24. Check Freelance BIR Tax Compliance Support Group on FB, dito ko lang din nakita yung user-friendly guides and active yung admins to answer questions.

  25. Hi, thinking the same, its really a hassle if i personally bring the unit to service. its 1 week old and i cant return it anymore. I ordered it online official store and i already claimed the unit (have the option to return or release the money to seller) i choose the latter :,c

  26. It doesn’t work, still cant connect to wifi. ill wait till the end of october and will try to talk to them about replacing the unit

  27. You turned off “Private Wifi Address” and “Limit IP Tracking” on the 2.4ghz wifi network and then tried?

  28. It just took me over 20 minutes to figure out how to connect my HP02. You need to turn off “Private Wi-Fi Address” and “Limit IP Tracking” both on your Wi-Fi network AND the Dyson’s Wi-Fi’s signal (assuming you can find and logon to it in the first place). That second part is what finally paired mine. Had to change the Wi-Fi settings of the Dyson signal, too!

  29. i cant connect to wifi settings of my dyson, it only connect to Bluetooth at first pairing (i can see it in bluetooth settings on my iphone, no additional settings available) then second is connecting to wifi which i enter the password of my wifi.

  30. bring love, happiness and peace to the world. no more pain, everyone is on equal grounds. heal the world.give knowledge to humans how to take care of the planet and its people. teamwork and cooperation. start fresh and new.

  31. "when" is when you want the task to appear on your today view.

  32. By due date you mean assigning a Deadline to it?

  33. yes, due date is a deadline that the task must be completed that day.

  34. you cant find rush sales worth 300k for sports watches, unless you have a friend which needs quick cash. if there is it can be easily sell to resellers on facebook or instagram more than your asking price.

  35. your vouchers is worth nothing compared to the damages your friend will incur in the future.

  36. eto naaalala ko nung kabataan ko na wala dyan

  37. They should only get your info and other bill soa named to you like meralco. Yung sa card iswipe lang nila un for payment or installment. dont have experience today since my postpaid is a decade ago na din.

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