1. Double or Nothing is going to be absolutely mental.

  2. FTR vs. United Empire for the IWGP Tag Team Championship ⭐️x6

  3. I loved the story Danielson told by refusing to chop Uno because he isn’t at the same level. The disrespect.

  4. Danny Limelight vs Konosuke Takeshita

  5. I was about to suggest this. But who will be the members though?

  6. M’Badu (AEW Dark) could be an amazing pickup, if he’s available.

  7. Personally think a Jazz and Nyla pairing would be absolutely sick and they’ll legit look menacing together. Good thing with Jazz is that she‘s able to take bumps and get involved in Nyla’s matches more frequently. Vickie I’ll wait to see how it plays out, but it’s an evidently odd pairing and I really doubt she’s capable of making Nyla look any more lethal than she already does. It seems like a mismatch. I wouldn’t mind Jake Roberts either, given that Nyla and Archer have been built similarly by the company as complete monsters.

  8. Pac v. Cody Moxley v. Archer Page v. Jericho Darby v. Dustin Santana/Ortiz v. FTR Mr. Brodie v. ‘Broken’ Matt Pentagon Jr. v. Kenny

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