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  1. I'm in grad school and spend 3 hours a week in class, 15-20 hours doing readings per week, 10-15 hours doing assignments like research papers per week. I also have an unpaid internship that can be up to 25 hours a week. This is before anything else like work.

  2. I have a baby and if he's sleeping in the same room I can't use my mic without potentially waking him up. I just use pings which works well enough.

  3. Are we the same person? I only have him left and I'm also winning by .04 points lol

  4. I think the harm comes when you start judging people for their sign before knowing anything else about them.

  5. I have found that most women don't actually give af. I am 5'10'' and have dated a number of women that were taller than me. It was never an issue for anyone on either side of the relationship.

  6. I'm 5'6 and it definitely can be an issue for some women. With that said, it seems to be less of an issue as you get older.

  7. ESH. I think you could have handled the situation better, but it was your college fund and therefore your money. Your father also could have consulted you before he took it. Overall it's a shit situation and this is why we need universal healthcare and cheaper tuition fees for college.

  8. Stating the obvious isn't pushing a political agenda.

  9. Sutton hate needs to chill. He put up double digit PPR performances in his first 5 games in a god awful Broncos offense with only 1 td. Then the Russ injury happened and he’s had 3 bad performances in a row so I dont see how he’s had more bad weeks than good. He was the only fantasy bright spot on that offense for the first 5 weeks so I dont see how he’s to blame

  10. Yeah I drafted Hill, Sutton, Bateman and Elijah Moore as my wr core for my one team. Sutton is the least of my concerns compared to Bateman and Moore.

  11. I was also wondering why Yahoo has him ranked for so few points this week…thought it was some kind of oversight, so glad to read this is the issue. Hopefully he gets it’s squared away because I also have A Jones hurting and Stevenson on bye. My RBs are getting thinned down.

  12. Hopefully they figure it out soon because I already have to pick up a scrub off waivers to be my rb2 this week due to byes and injuries lol. Can't imagine having to find someone to replace Walker as well.

  13. Whoa I’ve never met a fellow dodgers eagles fan. I was really routing for the Phillies, I feel like the Astros are like the Dallas Cowboys of the MLB.

  14. It feels that way after seeing the way a lot of their fans have been acting the entire postseason.

  15. I get it, underdogs, shouldn't have been there if not for all the rule changes, whatever. But when the Phils clinched the NL Pennant I wanted the whole damn thing. There are no guarantees that they will be good enough to contend again next year, as the last 11 years have shown. Hopefully I'm wrong, the front office makes all the right moves next spring and it will be another Red October (and November) in 2023.

  16. This is the first post season run they've had since I was in 10th grade and their first world series appearance since I was in 8th grade. I hope we don't have to wait that long again. I'm confident they will make good moves in the offseason though. This team has a good vibe around them compared to previous years.

  17. The whole strength of schedule argument is dumb imo. It's based entirely off the prior year and doesn't take into account all of the offseason moves and players progressing/regressing. Especially in the NFL, teams can look entirely different from year to year. I even seen teams come back after their bye week and play 10 times better than they did in the beginning of the year. People just can't admit the Eagles are a good, well rounded team this year.

  18. Their fans are becoming as annoying as Mets fans lol

  19. Phillies are really about to let down all of America. What is it with Philadelphia and disappointing sports teams?

  20. As a Phillies fan, I'm just happy they made it this far. First world series they have been in since I was in middle school lol

  21. More like 7k-10k a semester. Community colleges are usually around 10k a year if you don't get any scholarships. Problem with community colleges are that they mostly only offer associates degrees. Most jobs that require degrees want a bachelors or higher.

  22. Well don't trust your feelings then. More than 30% of the US makes more than 6 figures. In fact, out of 60% of the US living "paycheck to paycheck" half make more than 6 figures.

  23. Pretty sure you're confusing household incomes and what individuals earn. Roughly 10% of US citizens make 100k or more. Roughly 30% of US households make 100k or more.

  24. Rashod Bateman and Courtland Sutton in my lineup this week with Ekeler on his bye too. Auto loss this week

  25. Maybe this will humble the Astro fans that acted like they won the entire thing by the 3rd inning.

  26. If you're in a group, it's fine. If it's one-on-one like a date it's just awkward.

  27. Storming out of a restaurant in a fit of anger sounds as awkward, if not more. They both need to communicate and understand each other better.

  28. Are there spots still available?I have only done redraft before for the last couple of years and have been wanting to try out a dynasty league. Would be interested to learn more

  29. Might have 1 spot left, but waiting for another person to respond. If they don't want to join, then I will pm you the details.

  30. Currently have 2 others interested, but if they back out I will pm you.

  31. If there were more people on board, yes. Sadly that’s not the case. I wish it were though

  32. I think the bigger issue is a small amount of people who spend thousands on MUT. I haven't bought a Madden on release since Madden 12 and don't really know anyone who still does, but feels like it's made 0 difference.

  33. That isn’t mentioned in the post so I don’t see the point in speculating. She does say that he goes to scheduled appointments so his employer doesn’t seem to be super strict on taking time off, just won’t pay for it.

  34. Well assuming they're in the US, then that's highly improbable. Haven't heard of a single job allowing unlimited unpaid time off unless it's a corporate job. A lot of jobs don't even offer paid sick days, let alone vacation time.

  35. Some smaller companies offer it, it really depends.

  36. I don't feel confident starting any of them. At least if you keep Hunt, then there's a chance he gets traded to a team where he can be a lead back.

  37. Bateman was 1 yard away from the goal line form scoring a TD this Sunday. Y’all must’ve not watched the game.

  38. Yeah it makes 0 sense to drop him. Can't speak for other leagues, but the best wrs on waivers in mine are Campbell, Hardman and Goodwin.

  39. I'm in a 32 man league and we just made a single SF spot instead of having a QB spot. At least this way you can start someone if your QB is on a bye or is injured.

  40. Is the SF conditional on your QB(s) being out with injury or on a bye? Or is it completely open ended?

  41. It's completely open ended, but you're also still expected to start what you think is your best line-up. It's basically impossible to trade for a qb in this league so there's a lot of leeway.

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