1. Yupp. Was there with the family. Very dissatisfied

  2. worse part is that theres no where to show our dismay and even when we tried they took removed the post which included our comment 😡

  3. Reasonable people who know what a shaft feels like so they don't feel the need to brag about their own W pulls on someone who doesn't feel good right now*

  4. nah i dont care i just dont understand why its ok for these players to posts their sad low effort no one gives a shit posts like keep that shit to yourself the community doesnt give a shit whether u got shafted after spending 50k or got lucky in 1k lol

  5. makes sense but looking at the downvotes we can see what’s happening here

  6. this is the hive mind community that cant read and always blows everything out of proportion, i expected this to happen lol

  7. What you’re doing is probably 10x worse and even more cringe

  8. ill wait til you elaborate before i stop and consider that lol

  9. those low effort posts are wack sure but you just sorting by new and pasting your comment on every one is just cringe there’s no debate

  10. ok in the future ill add more jazz to my flex comments 💪

  11. i set up an auto clicker to at least automate it while i do other stuff

  12. it means that the fan base gave bandai the OK to continue releasing overpowered ultras every month since they know people will continue summoning on their trash format

  13. You mean like with the characters that existed for 0 minutes?

  14. wtf does that even mean no shit bandai needs to create kits for their OCs, even then its the bare minimum for a reason and thats because that have no reference material. and the objective of all of us players are not on the OCs its on pulling hype units from their favorite parts from the show. bandai knows that so they focus their efforts onto the hype characters and not on shitty OCs that dont rake in money, or waste their time thinking of new animations and kits for an irrelevant character like king fucking cold

  15. Now you're grasping for straws because you git gotted.

  16. you literally arent offering any counter arguments i dont feel gotted at all but ill walk away sure, not like you're offering me any incetive to stay

  17. not even half an hour after i made my post someone goes and proves my point on why full length replays shouldnt be allowed.

  18. ok, then run a girls team and report back to us if u wanna be a special snow flake.

  19. why else would i want lf majin buu to get a zenkai

  20. you want an lf majin buu zenkai just so you can be the first to say omg look at me im so special running regen while the rest of you are meta abusing omg im so special and quirky


  22. So then according to that logic there’s no use in actually playing the game as a F2P? We might as well just watch YouTubers play the game if that’s who the Devs are making it for. Only content creators and basement dwellers are willing to spend money on a mobile game, and that’s a tiny percentage of the player base. What happens if/when content creators start to make other content not related to DBL? The game will die real quick. And that saddens me to say. I’ve been playing since the first anni. I don’t like the direction the game is going.

  23. the correlation between basement dwellers and content creators is that they pay for bandais bills, we dont because we're f2p, that tiny percentage pays for the majority (pretty sure goresh already spent more than the entire subreddit combined JUST on this ultra banner and hes STILL not done spending). and even if these content creators stop, the asian whales will summon for every busted/hype unit and they know their audience like that so imo the game wont die with these whales keeping the game afloat

  24. end of legends for now is what u mean to say cuz u know urself you'll be coming back when the next shiny ultra drops lmao

  25. are you? will you really be? (spoilers he wont)

  26. Because we’re supposed to accept that F2P players getting barely any content and no events is something we have to cope about? Like we’ve gotten like two ultras and two LFs since the start of January and we’ve almost gotten little to no ways of getting our CCs back. If we have to forcefully give Bandai our money just to get a chance to play as a shiny new LF instead of them regularly supplying F2P players with events and content that’s fresh, then I just give up entirely on this game. If you seriously think that waiting two weeks for 1k cc is good, then we’ve hit the bottom of the barrel.

  27. im not saying ur wrong, im just saying they wont change their practices anymore so its either u suck it up and realise that they dont give a shit about us or just uninstall because its only getting worse from here on out

  28. Bro you know there's this amazing feature on reddit called a block button. If you don't like what they are posting then block them and you will never see them post again.

  29. theres always gonna be that ONE guy that predicts that ONE niche character or whatever outlandish new mechanic like a cell that eats the enemies or some shit theres no blocking them

  30. Yoo chill out go out and touch some grass whats yout problem

  31. my problem is that no one gives a shit about how you predicted xeno goku or lf ultra tag vegito and gogeta by analyzing a picture of gokus ass during the 4th anniversary.

  32. I mean again you wanna waste your CC go right on ahead and do that. I’m doing the smart thing and summon

  33. man became enlightened after failing to kill himself after getting shafted 2 months ago with gogeta, so much for wanting to quit the game and how u were gonna end it all, in the end u came crawling right back.


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