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  1. makes sense , but berlin is too cramped anyways

  2. but slavery is illegal :| unless it's still not in Qatar

  3. as an arab (egyptian) , qatar is BS rich , so they did that , and it's expected

  4. The authors of that plugin probably could. Did you ask them?

  5. i can't find their support , but i'll try to contact them , thanks

  6. bro calm down , you're not in وسط البلد you're on reddit

  7. Are you sure about that? Because I am 99.99999% sure that mmamh2008 is not a bot.

  8. الحمد لله ، ينصر دينك يا بوت

  9. bro , i'm not a bot lmfao , i hope i was not added to the list

  10. Try rank 1 realistic, 50% of players just die to non assisted AA xD

  11. My expectations is another 4th Gen added likely a MiG-29 for Russia, Ground will likely get some mid to top tier premiums, Ships can be whatever, Helis will likely get some new weapons, and more custom loadouts and armament options. That’s about it

  12. why not the mig-25 foxbat ? won't it will the gap ?

  13. was about to feed the snail in the last sale , stuff happened and i'm happy i didn't feed it

  14. but it's nearly the same velocity huh ..

  15. الشرف إلنا لما نرفع علمكم. ❤️❤️❤️

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