Rick chases and catches particularly dangerous characters, and puts them in his prison, from which no one can escape, almost no one.

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Cat Calls: Casual vs Hijab

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Video shows Colorado deputy shoot man to death sitting in his SUV after the man called 911 for help because his SUV got stuck. On Wednesday, grand jury delivered indictments with charges that include second degree murder against one deputy and criminally negligent homicide against another deputy

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  1. Republicans go to the movies too, so trying not to alienate roughly half of your potential audience is just a good business decision.

  2. I actually honestly want an answer to this question.


  4. i’m rewatching game of thrones and in the first 3 seasons at least every other episode if not every episode someone will get their tits out for no reason at all, often just an extra with no lines who’s playing a prostitute. There’s no rhyme or reason to it, if anything in anime like fire force at least it’s played for gags.. like what is fan service “done right”?

  5. People criticized game of thrones for it though. You'll see less nudity as time goes on for that reason.

  6. How are you respecting women if you can't handle seeing naked cartoon women?

  7. The naked cartoon women are annoying. I want to watch food wars and shield hero for the story and world. It's just distracting when there's tits bigger than characters heads gyrating every other scene and obnoxious moans.

  8. Sick animations but voice generation needs work. Davy jones' sounded like Mark Hamill's joker lol

  9. Somehow all these "social experiments" feel fake as fuck. That watermark kinda reveals their motivation.

  10. you wouldn't watermark something you worked on for hours?

  11. They weren't saying that for the channel using a watermark in general, they meant the channel name, "AreWeFamousNow".

  12. Oh, are you SufficentJuice? Are you sure that’s exactly what they meant?

  13. It’s amazing to me that mega weavile is manageable

  14. Why so many downvotes on this persons post. This person brought up a great point. This song is both edm and electronicpop so actually in a way this could go under a funk sub cause it has a funky vibe to it.

  15. Cause he said it didn't belong here. It definitely belongs here

  16. I wanted England to win but with the amonut of virtue signaling and poltical messaging that has infested british sports has made me rethink that.

  17. You think America doesn't have political messaging in sports? We recite a pledge of allegiance before every game and have military flyovers pretty often lol

  18. Oh, that's my mistake. I'll correct it. We don't do the pledge of allegiance. We do the star spangled banner before every sportsball game. We say the national anthem, not the pledge.

  19. Fuck cops, “suspect rearmed himself with a rock and a second knife” oh no a 19 year old with a rock and a knife

  20. I'd refine your quote tbh. A rock and a knife can easily kill someone, even with training.

  21. Stargazing permit is possibly the most American phrase I’ve seen. Only in America, land of the free, do you need government permission to look in the sky.

  22. Trey the explainer? That man makes some crazy good YouTube videos about paleontology, archeology, and cryptids. Fascinating stuff.

  23. The second one confuses me, because he's sex favourable? Am I missing something?

  24. "Asexual" describes a lack of physical attraction. However, you can have a physical relationship without physical attraction. The term "favorable" here is referring to the 3 general categories of feelings towards sex in the ace community:

  25. Note that Zarude had an oxymoronic signature move

  26. Zarude is way too bulky to be a glass cannon. Glass cannon is like, weavile.

  27. Definitions of phobia have always shifted though. "I don't care about the blacks, as long as they know their place and stay away from me" sort of sentiment was rampant in the past, if anything, that level of tolerance was "acceptable". Not outright hating, but still discriminatory. Now we acknowledge that that shit is racist. And fwiw, I do detest the lack of "middle ground" with many topics. But.

  28. the antikythera mechanism and the bagdad battery, if not very well executed hoaxes, implies that there has been at least one other 1900s teir civilization before us

  29. Not at all. Those were very advanced but they weren't 1900s level tech. We can date them as is anyway.

  30. the battery for example is literally a component of a 1930s delco lighing plant but with clay instead of glass as the container. previously farmers used literal ass candles.

  31. The Baghdad battery wasn't used as an actual battery though. It might have been used for electroplating, but even that's speculation.

  32. So if I don’t believe in someone’s gender identity I’m a bigot and if I believe someone’s gender identity I’m a dumbass for believing them. Honestly it makes no difference to me but leftists are going to reap what thew sow since they are the ones advocating for believing everything people say and that you must conform to their identity.

  33. The majority of people were against gay marriage. The majority of people were against interracial marriage. The majority of people were against letting women vote. It only goes one direction.

  34. I'd argue all of those things are good? And just because those happened, doesn't mean some mean that "child sexualization is going to be commonplace" what the fuck is that. Gross as hell.

  35. I don't think child rape is nearly as rare. There’s a lot of pedos out there. The surgery is also an actual medical procedure that involves the patient, parents, and numerous medical professionals, so that makes it differ.

  36. I gotta wonder how many people woke up the news that a gay club got shot up and were absolutely giddy about how great it would be to attack Republicans over.

  37. And good thing he didn't. Most new yorkers don't want an anti-abortion, election denying governor.

  38. I have no idea who that ia

  39. wife of FTX CEO. Ftx was a cryptocurrency exchange that was doing some bad things.

  40. Bundle seems like a really weird choice considering the main thing that made it strong was the 50% Booster Energy.

  41. Chien pao lowers the def of its opponents, did you take that into account?

  42. Hot take but the Mandalorian episode with him in it wasn't good either.

  43. This sub doesn't allow naked photos on non-mondays, I think.

  44. He ex is well rid of her tbh. She’s just not trustworthy and he can’t be open with someone like that. She blabbed a very vulnerable thing her shared to her friends. That alone is a serious breach of trust.

  45. I think she'll definitely grow from this. Seems like there was a lot of reflection in her updates.

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