Woke rainbow imperialist vs Chad respectful Japanese

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  1. bro changes his ideology once a week

  2. For those that don't know- it's Elizabeth Holmes. She was a founder of Theranos, a company which wanted to develop a machine that would conduct several medical tests from a single drop of blood from a finger. However it turned out to be a scam, although she did genuinely believe that this machine could save lives in the beginning. It started with a single lie that turned into an enormous snowball. She didn't even graduate from university in any scientific field because she dropped out! And in a field where human lives are at risk, that shouldn't even be allowed - how she managed to do that is beyond me. Either way - aside from the fact that Theranos installed spyware on its employees computers it also hired agents to threaten ex-employees and possible whistleblowers with a lawsuit. But the most tragic would seem the death of one of Theranos' employees, which, after being fired and then rehired again, albeit at a low position, overdosed. And what did Theranos do? They didn't even host a service - all they did was retrieve confidential documents that the deceased employee had with him. It was messed up, really. Edison - the name of the machine, was highly inaccurate and sometimes even dangerous, as sometimes the mechanical parts got stuck and threatened with stabbing with pippete, for example.

  3. scholars will return to this comment on this website on this day for years to come

  4. My friend has to get his partially cut because it was keeping him from sticking his tongue out. We also have a frenulum between our top lip and gums. I got that surgically removed

  5. Why did you get the one between your top lip and gum removed?

  6. you’re comment history shows that you’re insecure

  7. I’ve have seen plenty of pretty overweight women she want to improve other wise she wouldn’t be here I giving. Her the ingredients and you guys are getting pissed about it

  8. Friend, you have so much horror to learn. Please do it from reputable sources. BTW, they didn't burn them alive, they sent them naked into "showers" for "delousing" but instead of water piped in deadly gas. Then they had other doomed prisoners collect the bodies for the ovens. That might have been the least bad way to die in the concentration camps. The desecration of the bodies like stripping out gold tooth fillings, hair, also keeping any clothes or belongings of value. The mental fuckery of the Sondercommando forced to participate in the process who themselves were Jews or other prisoners knowing their day was coming too. The work camps, starvation, beatings, rapes... Those for the healthy adults who could manage to work until starvation, cold and disease killed them. Those who were experimented upon by Mengele and other so-called doctors. Those prisoners who had to assist those doctors..... Yet somehow some people survived. And more miraculously, they didn't all become hopelessly mentally ill or even full of hate. No matter what else you read, after you've read/seen all you can stand, be sure to read the short book called 'Man's Search for Meaning' by Viktor Frankl. He survived although his family did not, yet he had less hate in his heart than I do right now. I could not possibly go on after all that. So many did and just by that are inspirations. But that evil is more alive today than it has been since the end of WW2 - we must never forget. Or else it WILL happen again.

  9. My great grandmother survived the holocaust, she was in ravensbrück and Auschwitz

  10. Makes you realize that right now is probably the best time to have existed fr

  11. definitely not.. I would rather live in the Bronze Age then right now

  12. bro what? Qatar literally stones gay people to death

  13. And trans men can’t be incels? Or trans-cels.

  14. if i have depression, OCD, ASD and ADHD then what’s going on in my brain??

  15. Its called rape not ”have sex” a dog cant consent

  16. But when they move it tickles in a good way

  17. Now's my chance to shine! Back when I was a freshman in highschool (2003) we had this really gross girl, I can't even remember her name. She once told us that she stuck a hotdog in her pussy and fucked herself with it. Really fuckin weird. A bit later she told us that she put some canned tuna in her pussy and let her cat eat it out but it didn't eat get it all. She told us the tuna rotted in there and that she now had maggots in her pussy. For the next 4 years she was known as Maggot Pussy.

  18. have you talked to a therapist about them? Or someone?

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