1. Fidelity is a great broker in my personal experience (not advice, just my experience). I recommend reading up on god-tier DD in this sub and SuperStonk, there’s a lot of great information about how the markets work.

  2. 🙏🙌🏻 I was lost yesterday but I wake up reading a lot of stuff … sometimes you need a little orientation to find the right path … I know all of you guys start with nothing I just want to be in this revolution when I wake up and see the news you only see the same group of people wining they don’t share the secrets of wealth , in the school they don’t give you financial advices , I need to find other ways to make money I don’t want to be rich just get a ticket out of the rat race

  3. This one in particular will be hard to find because is vintage and is made of leather 😯 I don’t know if we have a rep factory for vintage stuff

  4. Where can I buy this watch any source ? I’m tired of Rolex reps 😅

  5. The band is real leather ? If it is I going to buy this watch for sure 🤤

  6. 2 years ago I buy this from second hand store and honestly have a lot of flaws I pay 500 dollars and my uncle have the rep and looks the same 😁

  7. I buy with the kit of tension ring and other accessories , it works so fast with common locks 🔒

  8. I see the original at saks 5th Avenue this weekend , it’s a difficult sneaker to make a rep , the texture in the translucent area don’t look like the original the color in the dior pattern in this pictures looks darker… for what i see in person and some stockx pictures I can tell you this is not a good rep… 7/10 in terms of quality 😬

  9. It’s fake , the stitches don’t match with the vintage north face I have this vest a couple of years ago

  10. How accurate is the price for A baseball cap??? Christ!!!!

  11. For that reason I’m looking for a reasonable price 😂

  12. I already order 10 locks from eBay…. 😆 to keep my hands under control for a while

  13. Yeah but watch some YouTube videos on EPGs and see how much brass dust they create. They will open a lock quick but the key won’t work eventually because the pins all got worn down from the vibration and don’t match the key anymore.

  14. Is true makes a lot of brass powder🤭 I try it in a lock with spools and don’t work

  15. I was curious, I had never seen this type of lock, it was installed on an electrical panel in a shopping center (usually wafer or tubular locks are used in facilities)

  16. Looks like an ASSA Desmo. It’s high security, but a bit on the lower end of high sec. low to medium, in high security… 😁

  17. Thank you I’m gonna order this lock to practice 😉

  18. This watch is stunning 🤩 how much money it cost I definitely buy it 😬

  19. This t-shirt is like 20 dollars at any tommy outlet is always on sale on the website … is not worth to buy a rep of this one or any tommy product 😉

  20. The tuxedo picks from sparrows are amazing .... I start with the same set... good quality !

  21. Excellent video my friend , I have a question not about lock picking ... what is the name of the anvil you use to hold the lock .. I know is a stupid question but I live in Spain and I’m trying to get that item but I don’t know how it’s called ... thank you

  22. Hey, it's called a vise. On Amazon Spain, this is the exact one I use.

  23. Thank you very much , I’m still learning English ... most of the lockpicking channels are in other languages 😔 appreciate your help !!

  24. I think the signal jammer is the masterpiece !! Works in all the scenarios

  25. If you use the signal jammer in short periods of time... under 20 seconds you avoid the security loop... usually the alarm company don’t receive any emergency signal and they treat any problem like a false alarm... look cases in my country (Spain) the criminals dig holes in banks and jewelry stores using signal jammer that block wifi,gsm, 4g -5g ... and cut the safes with thermal torches...

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