1. How is it possible to be so bad on a certain day of the week

  2. not at all. he was definitely the d-line’s weakest player against the run and pretty much all his value was as a pash-rushing DT, putting up five sacks last year

  3. rooms are small and boring but it’s the best location on campus and you have food options right downstairs. when i lived there it also had constant fire alarms, at least once a week that required going down several flights of stairs, but overall it’s one of the better dorms on campus.

  4. It took some of the all-time great #1 overall picks 4-5 years. Bradshaw, Elway, and Aikman made it in year 4. Manning needed 9, (Edit)other Manning needed 4.

  5. And you had to post about it for karma 👏

  6. i posted it because it’s an important topic in the nfl. my comments have been getting mobbed with downvotes.

  7. Loves all of these with the exception of Brandon Brown. He is the current director of player personnel and based on the past few years of the Eagles drafting ability I’m not too convinced that the Eagles have the best and brightest bunch of talent evaluators. On the other hand, Ed Dodds and Will McClay,are fantastic GM prospects

  8. Brown was the director of pro scouting until 2021 when he became director of player personnel. He was not involved in drafting guys like Reagor and JJAW.

  9. i’m not bragging about it, we’re a shitty team that just got our shit kicked in by a clearly superior opponent. just wondering how the hell that even happened

  10. No chance. That city and frankly any east coast city wants hard nosed players. Cousins wouldn’t last a month out there

  11. It’s ridiculous. Everyone on campus will be fully vaccinated and boosted, and the surrounding community is very vaccinated as well.

  12. You can still get sick when you are double vaccinated. I know people who got vaccinated 2-3 times and they omicron is a bitch to get

  13. i’m not denying the impact of omicron, but people are already going to be back living in dorms and socializing so I don’t think it will accomplish anything. With the student population fully vaccinated + boosted + masked I don’t think the university should further disrupt the semester.

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