1. I'm so happy to see other people do things like this. Don't feel bad. I was once getting ready for a bear hunt in Ontario. Was going "back home" to visit. While there was going to have a buddy do some work on my rifle. I was an hour down the road when I realized I'd forgotten to pack the rifle.

  2. Aurora Sportsmen's Club is the only thing I could find. The ISRA range at Bonfield used to be 600, but I guess they made some changes.

  3. If it makes you feel better, the mag box on both those rifles is really small and won't allow the use of the really long high BC bullets.

  4. I have a friend that bought one new at Walmart. That's been a few years ago.

  5. That is way past anything I could help with. My only suggestion would be to find the closest University that offers Civil engineering and contact the professor that teaches soil mechanics.

  6. Anywhere from a week to months to never.

  7. They suck. Suspended style mine belts can make them not as bad.

  8. Read about Bre-X, and do the opposite.

  9. Color bullet with black sharpie. Chamber. Eject. If small copper squares show up on bullet you are kissing the lands.

  10. Depends on the location, annual precipitation, what the ground was like pre mining and how the property is permitted. If it's farm ground in the mid-west it sometimes has to produce previous yields before being released from bond. In Nevada getting some grass and flowers to grow is sufficient.

  11. Given how often RG crashed, Mick should get at least one more year.

  12. I found an old mercury mine 20 years ago. Never got the sweet smell. Was more concerned about getting Hana virus from searching the buildings than mercury poisoning. Still have a sample somewhere. My mine was in NV though.

  13. Nice work as always. I've got one I really need to finish.

  14. At atwood rope you can design your own.

  15. There are some general guidelines. Cobra is usually 1' of cord per 1" of final product. So for a 2' lanyard/loop you'll need 2-24' pieces. If I ever remembered to take notes I could help you a bit.

  16. It is a foam wheel with numbers and slots around the perimeter that helps you braid.

  17. Sexy mother @$%&%(. Sorry, I heard that song when I saw it.

  18. Because they're cool. Indiana Jones, nuff said.

  19. I've seen the fishtail before, but not with the extra stiching. Did you come up with that by yourself or see it on YT? I like it. I think it would be interesting micro and nano.

  20. I came up with something similar (550 for both the stripe and the horizontal stitching), then came across

  21. Makes sense after looking at it again. thanks.

  22. If you're qualified it doesn't matter where you're from. I went from IL to NV to AL then back to IL.

  23. Headframe Hunters is pretty cool, plus I think he’s active in here occasionally

  24. I haven't watched them in awhile, but I like the ones I've seen. One of them was shot about 50 miles from me.

  25. Thank you! Been thinking about trying this for a while, I'll look it up

  26. I forgot to add in my other post. If you want some cheap easy practice. I've found by MacBook power cord and some USB cables are the perfect size to wrap in a 4 plait.

  27. This looks like such a fun hobby to attempt to master. Did you follow a tutorial for this, or make it yourself? If there are any instructions I'd love to see them

  28. There are several YT vids. Nick and Swordguy's were the most helpful in my opinion. Nick has/had a 3hr vid that walked you through everything, start to finish, step by step. If SG still has his stock whip video up it's also a good one to watch.

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