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  1. It's to stop you from accidentally committing suicide when you measure out 5g mushrooms, but forget to set the scale to grams and you think you can fly on a unicorn outside your window into the shadow dimension and slay the devil.

  2. While some people think that qualia is what grounds value, you don't have to think this. You might think that, for instance, animals have certain kinds of intentional states, and that those states account for moral standing.

  3. But it would make eating animals or say packing tons of chickens in small spaces moral if we can prove that their qualia doesn't exist and thus no suffering is happening.

  4. Animal abuser implies you are actually doing the abusing. If you bet on a dog fight, you are not actually doing animal abuse, since you arent abusing an animal, but you are contributing to it, which most still view as morally wrong.

  5. Well, you can’t get their consent to bring them into the world, but you (typically) can get consent to take them out.

  6. What about when you cant get their consent to take them out (like they are in a coma or brain dead or something)

  7. I just want to make sure people arent doing it multiple times, and I figure people wont wanna give up their email for a random internet poll

  8. Some people don't want to create a Google account for a random internet poll either

  9. Oh, well I didn't even know there were that many people without a Google account

  10. Do you support the right to vote in all people of age, no matter ethnicity or gender?

  11. You should definitely make a script. To be more specific, a logography for english (and no cheating by making roots and affixes their own symbols, and no making symbols from other symbols)

  12. Yes, they are legitimate words. Most of the time people say "X isn't a word" what they really mean is "I don't like the word X."

  13. Couldn't by that definition, a word like reduplication be multiple words? You can split it into re-, -duplic-, and -tion, which all have individual meaning in english. And what about compound words? spacecraft is a compound word, but space and craft are separate words, so wouldn't spacecraft not be a word because it isn't the smallest unit, since it can be split into space and craft

  14. Thanks. I’m so old I remember 20th century spelling.

  15. Close but different guy with a meat cleaver

  16. Snitches get stitches. Suppose it’s to late for all that tho.

  17. The snitch was already getting stitches, got nothing to lose at that point

  18. It's binary. You just put the words in as constants and then recompile the baby. You people should really learn how to parent.

  19. somewomen* Unlike the definite article, there are two different indefinite articles in English, each used in correspondence to number. You don't say A/AN piles, but rather SOME piles. Also to note that re-reanalyzing of word boundary in English's history has lead the the article an, but an is just a, but when the following word begins with a vowel sound.

  20. You got it right on the first try. Some of the mods really suck. Aita mod is the worst!

  21. He was the gym teacher for over 30 years. He volunteered to stand near the trash cans during lunch every day to ensure the students dumped their food and gave their finished trays to the cafeteria workers in an organized way. He had done this for decades. Even when my father attended that junior high.

  22. There are a lot worse things that can begin with "He was the gym teacher"...

  23. Oh, we did more than bat an eye. Joe Biden is by far the most racist President we have had in my lifetime. I'm 46. But the liberal media buried it. Like everything detrimental to democrats. If it hurts their agenda, you won't hear about it from them.

  24. old man says something stupid because he's old

  25. "If it hurts their agenda, you wont hear about it from them". You won't hear about it at all, because the left controls the media. Unless you go looking for the other opinion

  26. Turkey, Mexico, Niger, Republic of the Congo, Djibouti, Chile, Greece, Egypt, Philippines, Yemen, United Kingdom, Sweden, and Sumer

  27. Missed opportunity to use the rebus principle with the names of the ingredients (beef for b, tomato for t, onion for o, etc)

  28. That's one way it could've been done, but it would result in many much stranger ingredient combos. Trust me, I tried out different orthographies before settling on this.

  29. Thanks for responding after 5 months. I see why you did that, and it all makes sense. I just thought the rebus would be kinda cool, but I see how it might be hard to find q and x ingredients while making it still normal burger stuff.

  30. Let's see... You can definitely have CCC in the onset (struo). Codas may be more restricted... I can't think of any CCC word endings, and otherwise syllabification could obviate the need for those symbols.

  31. I wanna make something similar to hangul, where there are blocks for each syllable that are made up of smaller pieces that correspond to each sound

  32. Oh yeah that's cool. Well if I were you I'd download a big Latin text and search for sequences of letters for a while. Plus you'd see a lot of other patterns along the way that might give inspiration.

  33. Thanks for the idea. I downloaded a plain text dump of latin words from

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