1. The plastic bags the newspapers come in every day

  2. I need someone to put the 1812 Overture over this video please

  3. Because it’s not just flavored petroleum jelly. The OG formula had beeswax and lanolin, which are both powerful and naturally-derived ingredients that nourish and protect the delicate skin of your lips. If you compared it side by side to straight Vaseline, you’d notice a difference.

  4. Free People "Love you" midi floral dress

  5. Ooh I knew it was going to be Free People. Something about the scaling of the different floral patterns

  6. This look reminds me of Chi Chi from To Wong Foo

  7. Definitely see a doctor. If you can’t get an appointment for a while and you feel that the salicylic acid is too harsh, in the meantime leading up to your appointment you can try putting a paste of turmeric and olive oil on it and covering it with a bandaid, and filing it or exfoliating with a pumice stone daily when you change the band aid. It will stain your skin orange, but this worked to get rid of a plantar wart my brother had as a kid, and it’s gentler than salicylic acid. It works partly because of the exfoliation and partly because of the antiviral qualities of turmeric. This is not a substitute for going to the doctor—just something you may find helpful to try between now and your appointment.

  8. It’s orange blossom. Some people think orange blossom and white florals are grandma fragrances for a few reasons: they’re traditional perfume ingredients (because they smell so nice) so a lot of grandmas grew up wearing them and still wear them, and since they have a strong fragrance, people who may have a more dulled sense of smell from age or from smoking (or both, for the generation that grew up when everyone smoked) can still enjoy their white floral perfumes.

  9. i'm sorry but it still doesnt match. thank you for trying. in my pic, the deodorant is to left of the N and in the bottom it says noix de

  10. It’s just a different version of the package that includes the French name of the scent so they can sell it in both the US and Canada. This happens all the time. It’s the mini Native deo in coconut and vanilla/noix de coco et vanille

  11. I was at in n out with my partner the other day and we both got double doubles, but he got onion on his, and let me tell you I almost gagged out loud from the smell. It’s the same whenever we get cheesesteaks together: he always gets wid and I always get widdout, but at least those onions are caramelized. In n out serves those fuckers RAW.

  12. just looking at his meal would piss me off I'm so serious about that

  13. What do you mean “given what happens on the show?” People with kids date all the time in real life, and there’s been at least one Bachelor with a kid (Jason M)

  14. I feel this so hard. A month ago I got the cutest sweater dress from H&M+, it was one of those trendy oversized/slouchy silhouettes with wavy red and pink stripes. It would be universally considered a lewk if a thin girl wore it, and I deserve to wear bold colors that show my personality instead of just all black all the time, but I’ve only worn it twice because somehow I see it on myself and it seems to become too loud, tasteless, tacky. I think I just need to learn how to style it better because the internalized fatphobia I’ve been wearing it with is a terrible accessory.

  15. Like this is so cute and bold and now, why does it suddenly become ugly in my mind when I see it on myself?

  16. I really like the formula of the Hanalei Kukui Oil Lip Treatment. It feels more hydrating than BDC and it has a really nice glossy finish.

  17. I guess some neighborhoods really don’t get snow

  18. I’m a gay Christmas tree salesman with dyslexia. All I think about is pines.

  19. Out of curiosity, what makes you think spring? She seems like a pretty cut-and-dry winter to me so I’m wondering what you’re seeing that’s making you lean that way

  20. Maybe its the overtone of the warm skin , like in the first pic u can see theres a lotta warmth in her face. And she doesnt WOW me in black like most winters do but like in bright yellow /mustard she looks so good .

  21. The yellow strapless dress she’s wearing in the photo above looks like a winter yellow to me? It’s definitely bright, but it has a cool tone. Like it’s not a very warm yellow, almost inching into highlighter territory because of how cool it is

  22. Maybe they associate it with childhood, but if it’s going to smell young at all, it’s going to come off as youthful, not childish. Britney made her fragrances for a youthful audience, sure, but not for children. They’re marketed as “for women,” not as “for kids.” Go ahead and rock those fragrances. With Y2K fashion in style, now is a perfect time for adults to try out the things they couldn’t afford, weren’t old enough for, weren’t allowed to wear, or just never ended up trying back in the day.

  23. I don’t know why everyone is saying you’re being unreasonable. It’s not unreasonable to expect someone living in a house (even if they own the house) to give the other people living there a heads up when they’re going to be bringing a new pet to live in the house. Also, like any type of animal, dogs can carry diseases and need to have checkups and shots and such, and dogs can have a wide range of behavior issues too, so the landlord really should have talked to OP about introducing the dogs instead of just doing it. What if OP’s dog had been dog-reactive, and the landlord didn’t know because they’d never seen it interact with another dog? The landlord’s dog could have been seriously injured, to say nothing of what could have happened to OP’s dog if the landlord’s dog had been reactive or sick or something.

  24. Well that's just a tad extreme. How about just abolish tipping culture, one very small infinitesimal part of the USA that it would do better without.

  25. You’ve got it backwards, abolishing tipping culture can’t be step one. Mandating fair wages (or at least minimum wage!) for restaurant staff just like other workers would be step 1, and abolishing tipping culture would be step 2. If I were confident my server were earning enough base wages to pay rent, and not relying on tips, I wouldn’t have a policy of tipping at least 20% each time even in case of shoddy service because shoddy service doesn’t mean someone deserves to starve.

  26. For me it was After Baume. It wrecked my skin for weeks. I’m glad it works for other people though!

  27. Wait in what way did it wreck your skin? Because I got really bad acne this winter and I thought it was for other reasons but it also coincides more or less with the time I got after baume so now I’m wondering if after baume was the culprit

  28. Well its kind of private but He does legit enjoy hurting me which i was okay with, i let him beat me and all of that Because He said He was into it

  29. Girl that’s legit scary. Dump him for your own safety

  30. Point is i can’t really stand up for myself, he’s the kind of guy who goes “if there’s no reason to stop then why stop” , even if I wanted to then physically push him away he’s far more big and strong than me and would just pin me down (which happened)

  31. You wanting to stop is 100% enough reason for him to stop. Someone who thinks that’s “no reason to stop” is a huge red flag honestly, he doesn’t listen to you or respect your needs as valid or important

  32. It’s honestly the kind of sticky feeling, I don’t mind the oily feel but when it’s like sticky and my pillow sticks to my face and my hair sticks to my face

  33. Neutrogena Hydro Boost Water Gel and other gel-formula moisturizers are designed for people like you who hate the oily/sticky feeling. Instead they have a light texture and they pretty much dry all the way to a dry finish only a few minutes after putting on (I don’t like to use them in winter for this reason since I need the oily/sticky feeling to feel like my skin is protected in the winter). I think a gel moisturizer would be perfect for you.

  34. I find that layering a cat t-shirt under the harness helps keep my escape artist contained. She can still get out if she's determined, but it takes longer so we have a better chance of grabbing her before she succeeds.

  35. T shirts for cats are great. My mom used to make one of her senior cats wear one to keep him from messing with his diabetes monitor. It worked and it was also just super cute

  36. Nike track pants a few sizes too big. The size is important: the shape in this photo comes from getting them a few sizes too big and then cinching the waist down to size with a drawstring. You can tell by the ripples in the waist and white line in the left picture

  37. Put aluminum foil on the surface in front of the tv. Cats don’t like the noise it makes when they walk on it.

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