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  1. The actual answer is that unemployment doesn't count labour market inactivity (e.g. due to illness/caring/not looking for work for other reasons) which is pretty damn high. So people aren't working because they can't.

  2. Bro, what is wrong with me, I found the first part hot 😭 but I'd probably be like the second part if a guy did that to me hopefully

  3. 365 days. It's really rapey but played as if it's romantic. Guy kidnaps woman and systematically ignores her boundaries until she's somehow magically in love with him.

  4. Stockholm syndrome isn’t magic but whatever floats your boat lol. Most people would probably behave similarly, counterintuitively.

  5. A) it's a movie that frames the violent actions of the lead who completely strips his romantic interest of all her agency against her will as moral and justified by his "love" so the accuracy or possibility of her change of heart doesn't really change the central point.

  6. Another reason to celebrate when King Charles passes on December 12th 2027 at 11:38am

  7. This must be what it felt like to live through the plague. Just watching history write itself in real time

  8. I'm confused, did you forget we all just did live through the plague?

  9. Every day, all day, this sub is full of OP self-facepalming.

  10. I've noticed a recent uptick in subtly misogynistic content (women getting beaten up for individually pseudo-justifiable reasons) and other reactionary bullshit recently. Suspect there's some brigading going on from right wing subs.

  11. Wait you have to pay a $7 a month subscription for dropout, to watch what is essentially a YouTube channel?

  12. I'll be honest, I'm finding it my most watched streaming service. A surprising amount of content and a ton of it is very high quality. (Though probably less worth it if you're not interested in dimension 20)

  13. Ok, let's review where she went wrong. There are many places where she went wrong.

  14. Yeah, as soon as I saw the package the rest was entirely predictable.

  15. You have to pay to see Karl Marx grave. So I'd go with them.

  16. What? I didn't last time I went. It's in the free half of Highgate cemetery.

  17. If I go sit next to a pride of lions in the middle of an African savanna, I’m going to get my head and limbs ripped off. I could blame the tigers for not controlling their instincts but I could also blame myself for putting myself in a situation that is clearly not a good idea, humans are not as consciously intelligent as we all like to pretend, and I would never put my trust in large crowd of strangers, would you?

  18. So women are rational conscious beings and men are wild animals with no impulse control? Great standard you're setting.

  19. She was such a Pollyanna. I wonder if she is still the same as an older woman.

  20. This was an old sketch. And I think it's telling that's this is being consistently reposted as CK tries to make a come back. Trying to reframe his awful behaviour as somehow hilarious and justified.

  21. Glad people are picking up on the fact that this isn't a people problem, it's a design one.

  22. For the love of God, can we stop pretending this is a new phenomenon or indicative of some sort of recent decline in quality? Big budget films have always been like this. The reason you look back and remember better films is because the ones that are memorable stick in the memory and retrospectively define the zeitgeist for past years

  23. that last joke. is it because robin has transitioned to a daughter? (or at least thats what joe's implying. i dunno if robin is actually trans)

  24. Damn, that's a strawman argument if I've ever seen one.

  25. Admittedly, the comment you're replying to doesn't reference any of their scandals, but Google "Nestle water scandal" as a starting point. They are truly heinous.

  26. Pretty sure Wittgenstein (the "language is usage" guy) of all people would be satisfied with this answer.

  27. Off topic (as this clearly isn't what your DM was going for), but targeting a single PC can make for interesting encounters. There's a really cool D20 episode where a bunch of enemies who wouldn't be that threatening normally are completely focused on killing (including coup de grace-ing) a single important PC in a setting without magic. Really ratched up the tension and made for really interesting battle dynamics as the players realised what was happening.

  28. If you think there isn't at least an 8 with fanservice in Food wars you watched that shit without your eyes

  29. Oh man, I got 5 minutes in and there was too much ass to continue. I'm worried what op consists above a 6

  30. Wow, sure sounds like Mike sure likes taking away Emma's agency with an abortion storyline and punishing her husband with sexual assault. The favouritism is frankly a side note. This ain't about being a crap DM, this is about being a person who should not be given any power whatsoever.

  31. I'd say the question is pretty fucking rude to begin with.

  32. You know, I'm aware of the trope and why it's a red flag. At the same time I'm reminded of Claudia in Interview with the Vampire and thinking it would be quite a fun concept to play, obviously minus any pervy nonsense.

  33. While yes, there are always exceptions to Red Flags they're considered red flags for a reason.

  34. Oh absolutely, and yeah, as soon as the anime avatar comes out I'm calling it. Though a creepy looking Victorian child however...

  35. Anyone have this gif without the top text?

  36. Listen, most people can’t gracefully admit when they’ve been out-argued so kudos to her for that. That’s a very positive character trait imo

  37. It's a stupid counter argument though. The point being made (admittedly not the most eloquently) is that Matt Walsh is attempting to build consensus around who gets to identify as a woman by asking people who don't have a vested stake in the matter.

  38. Wiat, what the fuckkkk?? Peter Pettigrew is a pedo? How tf did I miss this?!?

  39. Nope, misleading title. The actor who plays Peter Pettigrew is Timothy Spall. Definitely not this guy.

  40. FYI, wearing two condoms raises the chance they'll both split.

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