1. I mute the sound during our all-company meetings and just take a nap in the other room.

  2. I did that during a few of my classes that were live online.

  3. It was alright, I was expecting it to be weirder based on the trailer. Alex and Mia were fantasic especially Mia!! For some reason I thought it was gonna have body horror or something. Oh god I wonder if Alex really did THAT to Mia at the end of the movie if so WOW, acting huh.

  4. HAHAHAHAHAHA I am in Phoenix right now!!!!

  5. Mariana Trevino makes this work. There are people like that character in real life - those stubborn, nosey extroverts that just can't help but to spread their kindness and be a light in other peoples' lives, even when that light is not welcomed.

  6. I wish someone like her would come into my life!!

  7. Given Hemsworth's comments recently I wonder if he will make it out of Secret Wars alive?

  8. He won Best Supporting Actor the same year for Syriana and started his speech by saying “well I guess this means I’m not winning Best Director”

  9. I have always thought it was strange how he won for Best Supporting when he is the lead in that movie.

  10. i imagine he would be an Azrael kind of Batman. complete with the badass suit with claws. this makes sense because Dark Knight Rises was basically Knightfall since it had Bane as the villain

  11. I mean, the ending of TDKR has a memorial for a dead Batman.

  12. That’s a good theory as well. It would scare criminals tho if they knew Batman never died from a nuclear blast. Plus the bat signal has one symbol

  13. I'm pretty sure he would've been in high demand and he still would've garnered an Oscar win regardless. His performance was legendary and it would've catapulted his career to even greater heights than before. I can imagine he have been involved in big blockbusters while also working on smaller projects simultaneously.

  14. I honestly dont think he would have won the Oscar had he been alive, a nom sure but not a win.

  15. If not him, who else would the Academy awarded an Oscar to? His strongest competition was Robert Downey Jr. for Tropic Thunder and I don't think they would've gone with that choice. Maybe Philip Seymour Hoffman again for Doubt but I don't think so.

  16. I think maybe Brolin or Shannon that year those seemed like "safe" choices.

  17. If you sit to pee sometimes you will screw up and piss through the gap between the toilet seat and the bowl.

  18. When you have to physically hold it down to pee instead of just letting it hit the toilet seat, because if you dont hold it down while you are peeing it WILL go between the crack of the seat and the toilet.

  19. I just had a Burrito from Chipotle for dinner, I have been earing Burritos since I was six years old too!!

  20. The Arkham Joker is the definitive version in my opinion, followed by the TAs version then the Heath Ledger version.

  21. He should have been cast as a Terminator instead.

  22. OMG him as a Terminator would have been so fun!!

  23. They have to replace Ghost with someone.

  24. I'm amazed there were still any films casting Kevin Spacey as the lead at this point.

  25. A few producers in other countries still want to work with him one of them clearly said they do not care about the allegations. Disturbing IMO.

  26. This is the most relatable thing I’ve read on the internet. I’m in the exact same boat… I live outside of Phoenix where a once $220K starter home is now going for $450K. I can’t afford that as a single parent working a $65K job. Although 5 years ago I could. Super frustrating

  27. I legit live in my camper that I paid 6,000 for 6 years ago. My lot payment for the RV park is 350 a month. I make 5600 a month.

  28. Torrent as much movies as I can WITHOUT a VPN.

  29. I would rent out a theater to myself for every new release, heck every time I went to the movies including the big IMAX theater near me!! of course seeing every new Marvel movie with a huge crowd and hearing those reactions is everything so I would watch those with a crowd but I would buy out a whole row to myself so I can have some space.

  30. I assume he still had his credit cards and stuff on him.

  31. At least them announcing this implies they won't just Batgirl it before the second half of season 4

  32. I noticed the paper clips and large dial but thats it.

  33. It will definitely end with the collapse of the multiverse and stuff.

  34. I have never understood why they have to wear matching clothes out in public, like you REALLY need your shirt to match your pants??

  35. Probably a Kingdom Come Bruce Wayne MAYBE a Old Bruce in a Batman Beyond Movie but that role is reserved for Keaton.

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