1. I feel like run good is for sale, do something nice for someone or give a couple bucks to charity. If that doesn’t work try slapping a baby

  2. Because the bbjp is so large that 200 people are on the list waiting for my seat. I ain’t missing a blind, sucker.

  3. Every time I play poker in Texas I spend an average of $4,000 in the local economy in hotels, restaurants, gas, gifts shops trinkets and random things and every time I play there I run into locals from back home and traveling players from all over the world. This would take millions from Texas that is coming in from out of state. Doesn’t seem like this aspect is getting much attention. Texas is the poker capital now and many are choosing Texas trips over Vegas.

  4. Is texas card house really that good?

  5. I’ve gotten where I just fold AA from early position if there is usually a bunch of preflop action at the table and I have garbage cards to go with it.

  6. Granted this was 10-15 years ago but I lost about $3,000 or so, $100-$200 deposits at a time. Dabbled in every game available until I found something I could beat and the grinded $20,000 in profit over the next couple years. I’ve also done something similar with live poker as well so it is possible. When there is a will, there is a way.

  7. What about 35 yo, undisclosed Asian descent, but we know is a liquor store owner and fan of the Steelers?

  8. Business Asians are drawing dead, the sole purpose of the business is to fund the gambling

  9. After studying this Joe Biden Equity chart I've started to to do a LOT of calling stationing with an all white/Asian table and it isn't really profitable. However I've noticed at more ethnically diverse tables, like only 3 white/Asians, I find myself playing much more profitably. About 30% of hands pre, which seems to be consistent with the reading material.

  10. Just last week in a 5 card PLO game I 3bet a turn of QQK7 to 7k and got somebody to fold kings full.

  11. I don't play much live, but in general left-wingers are far likelier to try to shove their ideology down your throat

  12. I have noticed this as well, it seems to me that the lefties are the ones to nonchalantly drop their insane takes. The righties seem to pipe up when on defense from my experience.

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